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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Austerities and Fasts, Chapter VII, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Rules of Vratas

Though the rules concerning the vratas had been very much liberalized to embrace as large a segment of the society as possible, there had to be some rules guiding the whole process in order to protect and preserve the sanctity of the ritual system itself. These may be summarized as follows:
During the period of the observance of a vrata, one should keep one’s person clean and pure, observe celibacy, speak the truth, practice forbearance, avoid non-vegetarian foods and scrupulously perform all the rituals connected with it.
Once a vrata is undertaken, it should never be left unfinished nor a new one started before completing it. But, one should never start the observance while in ashaucha ceremonial impurity brought about by birth or death in one’s family.
Persons too old or too sick can get the vrata performed for them by the close relatives if they are willing.
Once the decision is taken to perform a vrata, the actual, commencement should be made only as per the auspicious time, place and mode laid down by the books.
Now we will know about some specific Vrats for the elimination of Kuja Dosha, such as : 1) Mangal Vrat; 2) Mangala Gauri Vrat; 3) Vat Savitri Vrat; and 4) Sacred Gauri Vrat.

Mangal Vrat

Manglik persons or those who are suffering from the evils of Mars regarding the absence of conjugal bliss owing to any reason, or the possibility of loss of life of the partner or separation, or otherwise those who are leading miserable married life due to the adversity of Mars must observe Vrat on Tuesday in the following way:-
First of all shodashashopchar Poojan of Mars should be done as explained above with full faith, devotion and dedication. Certain specification, norms, methods and stories have been mentioned in various texts on Vrats. Here we will be discussing all important points of Mangal Vrat i.e. observation of Vrat on Tuesdays. We want to draw the attention of such readers that Vrat on Tuesday does not mean the Vrat of Hanumanji. Mangal Vrat may be observed to please Mangal graham, Mata Durga or any of her incarnation and to please Hanumanji as well. Here we are mostly concerns with the Vrat on Tuesday to prevent the adversity cast by planet Mars. The girls or ladies who are suffering or may suffer due to the evil effects of Mars in their birth charts or if they have Kuja Dosha and get married with a non-Manglik boy, must observe Vrat on Tuesdays.
The Sankalp should be taken by keeping rice, water, betel nuts, flowers and money in the right palm facing towards east or west. Thereafter the contents in the hand should be put in front of Ganapati Devta. After Sankalp Shodshopchar Poojan of Ganapati and Mangal Graha is essential. Without Ganapati Pooja, the n ative is not bestowed with the good results. This is well-established fact that Agrapooja or Ganpati is most essential before offering any other worship to the concerning powere of planets or God.

During Mangal Vrat one may take a glass of milk, tea or juice in the morning after the above Sankalp and worship etc. Thereafter one should take `Choorma” (made of wheat flour and jiggery) between 12 noon to 3 p.m. If one does not want to take Choorma due to any reason he or she may eat sweet fruits or sweets instead. The salt of any kind is strictly prohibited in Mangal Vrat. Any fruits which contain salt, should not be taken. After completing the Vrat one should sing Aarti of Mars before going to bed. If it is very essential one may take one or two fruits after Aarti and before going to bed.

Mangal Vrat should be observed for at least one year. But the Vrat can be extended for 5 years or for whole of the life as advised by Guru or Acharya or by any competent astrologer. After completing the Vrat of Mars, Udyapan is required. It means that the devotee is terminating the Mangal Vrat now onwards. He begets pardon for his mistakes and donates to Brahmins.


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