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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Astrological Yantras, Chapter V, Part – 19

Dr. Shanker Adawal

13. Navkoshtak Beesa Yantra

On the completion of rituals of pooja of this yantra one is blessed with darshan of his or her deity who appears in the dream and the sadhaka is blessed with wealth and happiness. Through this yantra, the devotee can carry out many usages. The mantra for recital is as follows:-

Om Hareeng Shareeng kaleeng mam sarvanechtam  Dahe Dahe Savaha||

The yantra be written with Ashtgandh with the stylus of pomegranate on a Bhojpatra or a paper for hundred and eight times and perform pooja with sandal, lamp, dhoop and flowers having fragrance etc. The process should continue for eighty eight days starting from second tithi in Shukla paksh and japa of above mantra be performed for one thousand times daily and if possible, perform Homa while reciting the mantra for hundred and eight times. Use kheer, sugar, ghee, honey, and bilva leaves in Homa. After homa 1/10 of japa should be marjan and tarpan respectively.

To get better results the devotee is advised to make a yantra on gold plate and over the plate place hundred and eight yantras already writteh on Bhojpatra or paper and offer pooja. Homa be then performed with these hundred and eight yantras and other material to be used during Homa.

14. Lakshmi Data Beesa Yantra

Spread Gulal on the plank of the Mango wood and write yantra with the stylus of chameli wood for hundred and eight times. Perform pooja for the realising of the yantra. The mantra for recital during the pooja is:-

Shrim Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamle kamlalye Parsid Parsid Shrim Hrim Shrim Mahalakshmaye Namah||

After realising, the yantra could be worn on the body as an amulet when written on bhojpatra with asthgandh.

15. Lakshmi Siddh Beesa Yantra

The Devotee should start this practice on Thursday during the hora of Pushya Nakshtra is there. He should wear yellow clothes and sit on yellow seat and use yellow coloured rosary for mantra recital given below.

Om Sreem Hareeng Kaleeng mahalakshmaye namah||

This mantra is recited for hundred and eight times daily for 62 days and it is written in fixed numbers. On 63rd day engross the yantra on a silver plate and put already written yantras on it and perform pooja. One yantra out of them be put in the neck in a silver talisman. Yantra made on silver plate be kept in the cash box. Other yantras be thrown in the river in the pills of wheat flour.


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