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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Astrological Yantras, Chapter V, Part – 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Beesa Yantra

1. Six Rites

First, we should start with six rites through these yantras. For undertaking six rites through these yantras, one should note that during Ucchatan rites, the devotee should face towards north direction, during Vidveshan, it should be southwest, and in all other rites, he should face towards northeast direction.

“For Attraction:- Take an earthen pot and write the yantra on it. Kick the pot and again put it in inverted position. Then recite the following mantra hundred and eight times. Replace amuk with the name of the intended person.

Om Hrim shrim klim amukmakarshaye swaha||

“For Maaran:- After writing the yantra write the name of the enemy., Eergies it through mantra and orate the name of the enemy. If the yantra is put in fire the intended person would suffer from illness, and other diseases. Moreover, if the yantra becomes red hot the enemy may die.

“For Ucchatan:- The devotee should write the yantra in an angry mood with the juice of Dhatura mixed with massi. The devotee should throw the yantra in a cremation ground or a dense forest. This act would cause Ucchatan.

“For Stambhan:- The yantra is written with the turmeric powder mixed with salt on Bhojpatra and bury it in a pit. Now recite the mantra along with the names of the intended persons. All the persons named during oration of mantra would get Stambhan.

“For Vidveshan:- The devotee should write the yantra with the feather of owl as stylus on the cloth of cremation ground or shroud. By reciting the mantra, he should crush the yantra with left leg. The Vidveshan is complete.

“For Shanti:­- The devotee interested in shanty rites should recite the mantra for three thousand times while writing the yantra. This rite would help in getting rid from diseases, anger, attraction, propitiation of evil planets in the natal chart and all other such ill habits that are not welcomed by the society.


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