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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 29

Dr. Shanker Adawal     
Zodiac Mantras

So far, we have discussed the mantras and stotras of the planets and their effect on the native. The zodiac signs also play a significant role in the life of the native. The zodiac signs are also checked for the purpose of interpretation. They are twelve in number. Each of the zodiac sign has its planet which governs the sign besides there are planets which are either debilitated in the sign. We should have this much of knowledge about them. This book no way deals with astrology and we understand that our esteemed readers are well versed in this part. However, are those readers who want to practice the mantras on their own All theses mantras are recited for hundred and eight times in the morning along with the mantra of the lord of the house. It is considered more useful for the native.


Aries is a fiery planet whose lord is Mars. Sun is exalted in this sign whereas Saturn is debilitated here. It rules head and brain. It is a moveable sign. As it is an energetic sign, persons ruled by it are either in services, police, surgeons or other related jobs. If the significator planets are not strong in the natal chart then the native suffer from headache, diseases of impure blood, stammering constipation etc. Person having Aries ascendant or Moon Sign Aries should recite this mantra. This mantra is to be recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Dhim Shrim Laxmi narayana Namah||


Taurus is an earthy sign whose lord is Venus. It is an earthy sign. Moon is exalted in this sign whereas Ketu is debilitated here. It rules right eye, neck and throat. Those who have good position of its lord in the chart enjoy good health, otherwise problems like poor digestion, disorder of throat, eyes, teeth they have to suffer. Person having Taurus ascendant or Moon Sign Taurus should recite this mantra. This mantra is to recited daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Gopalay uttardvajaya namah||


Gemini is an airy sign. Its lord is Mercury which signifies communication and confidence. Gemini is a dual natured planet. It signifies hands, shoulders, respiratory and nervous system in the natal chart. Native who has lord of the sign posited in the chart in the house of exaltation is found to be in the profession of accounts, computer, communications, authors, journalism, engineering etc. Persons having weak ascendant or Moon sign Gemini are having diseases like hypertension, headaches, congestion and respiratory diseases etc. To propitiate it they should recite this mantra daily in the morning. The mantra for recital is:

Om Krim Krishnai namah||

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