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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yoga, Chapter II, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Yoga is a Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. It is a system of exercises practiced as part of this discipline to promote, control of the body and mind. It is said that knowledge of yoga is needed for the efficacy of the mantra. If the devotee would keep himself fit and maintain his diet, he would never fall ill and could complete his purascharan.

The yogic disciplines are the ones that go to the very source of the problems, they can be the most difficult to practice for the majority of people, who just expect the astrologer to give him some quick and easy solution, a magic formulae, whereas the yogic remedies require a change of lifestyle and rigorous discipline sustained over a long period of time.

It is like in a case of a person suffering from cough goes to a doctor and ask for a remedy. The good doctor tells him: “quit smoking and do breathing exercises every day”. But the patient doesn’t want to give up his habit and looks for another doctor who just gives him a cough pill.

There is nothing wrong with the cough pills, but in that case it doesn’t go to the source of the problem. In the same way, all human problems are caused by the fact of not being aware and in tune with their Soul or divine nature. This is called spiritual ignorance, which is the cause of all karmas and wrong actions which lead to pain either in this life or on a future one. When we see an afflicting planet on a birth chart, it is showing something we have done wrong on the past lives and we need to acknowledge and change in this life. The affecting planets are in fact, teachers. It is the role of Jyotish to recognize the afflicting planets and their associated karmas to prescribe the right discipline.

Each afflicted or afflicting Planet is showing a need to learn certain lesson or to strength certain aspect of the mind and personality.

Understanding that is the key to the use of astrology as a healing path.

The devotee is advised to follow the steps as indicated in the yoga tantra for prayer, recitation of mantra, and attaining siddhi of the mantra yantra and any other classical method as told in this book. This process is described in ashtaang yoga. The efficacy of the mantras depends on power to control the desires and five senses which could be attained through yam. The other pillar for efficacy of mantra is niyam (regularity) which could be achieved through yoga only. They are very much part of ashtaang yoga.

Yoga and mind

There are five states of human mind which are known as Ksipta, Mudha, Viksipta, Ekagra and Nirodha.

Ksipta, is a very agitated and disturbed state of mind. Mudha is a state of mind that is comparable to that of a fool. Viksipta is when the mind is in disturbed state, but is able to think. Ekagra is a state where one is able to focus in one direction. This state is closer to the Nirodha state. Nirodha is a state where the mind is completely absorbed in only one direction for a length of time. To overcome such situations yoga is only remedy because for the efficacy of the mantra mind should be under control through which one can concentrate over mantra sadhana.


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