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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mantras For Planets

Mantras for Sun (Ravi)

Part 1

The Sun God known by the names Ravi, Surya, Bhanu, Arka, Mithra and by several other names. In fact Rigveda is full of praise, describing Him by several names and qualities. He is Atmakaraka (Significator of soul). Being at the centre of the solar system, Sun is the giver of life force to all the other planets and the life everywhere. He indicates father, honour, status, fame, the heart, the eyes, respect and power. In Rudhra Prashna he is given as an example of living God (“The Gopas say the Invisible is Visible here”). He is also referred as a Kavi, the poet who sees everything. Ravi gives clear perception. In his name Trijakalpa Suryanamaskara (a pooja for Ravi) is conducted on Sundays. Propitiation measures to Ravi strengthens bones, cure illness particularly of cardio vascular nature, gives progeny, gold, restores honour and dignity. However, the exact role Ravi plays is dependent on his ruler ship, placement and association as well as aspect in the natal chart.

The sage of the Mantra is angiras, metre is tristup, deity of the Mantra is Sun God. The mantra is to be recited for seven thousand times, starting from Sunday. 1/10 of the mantra is performed as homa with the twigs of Aak and of 1/10 of homa to be done as tarpan and 1/10 of that it should be marzan. After that the devotee should donate articles of the Sun. During worship of Sun God the devotee is advised to use idol made of copper. Besides this mantra Surya is also worshipped with Surya stotra and /Aditya Hridyam. On Ravi-pushya yoga, start reciting as under:


Om aakarshen mantrasaya hiranayasatupaangiras rishi, tristup chanda, suryo devta, surye pritye jape viniyoga||


Om hiranayasatupaangiras rishye namah sirshi, tristup chandse namo mukhe, Shri surya devtayee namo hridayee, surye pritye jape viniyogayee namah sarvange||


Om aakarshnerasja angustabhyam namah (Touch the thumb with index finger), Vartamano niveshyan tarjani bhayam namah, (Touch the index fingers with thumb), Amritmatyam cha madhyama bhyo namah (Touch the middle fingers with thumb) Hiranayen savitarathen anamikabhyam namah (Touch the ring fingers with thumb), Aadevoyanti kanistika bhayam namah (Touch the little fingers with thumb), Bhuvnani pashyam kartalkarpristhabhayam namah (Touch the back of the palm)


Aakarshnen rajas hridayae namah (Touch your heart with your hand), Vartamano niveshyan sirse swah (Touch your head), Amritmataryanch sikhayee vast (Touch your hairs), Hiryanen savita rathen kavchayee hum (Touch your right shoulder with left hand and left with right), Aadevoyaanti netartrayee vaushat (Touch your eyes) Bhuvmaani pashyan astrayee phat (clap, after taking circle around your  head)


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