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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Mantras, Chapter III, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Usage of Mantras

It is said that all human problems are created by the person on his own, the basis of which is always his/her Karmas (deeds). It is believed that mantras are a form of energy which leads to attainment of God. Through mantras one can obtain every thing which he desires. It is the way to invite God and tell Him the problems being faced by the devotee. It is advised that the Mantra anusthans (rituals) should be done strictly as advised in this book to reap the maximum benefits. Through the mantras one can control and get relief from diseases.

Keeping desires in view and repetition of mantras creates deeper and deeper impression on the mental plane, viz. conscious mind becomes saturated with impression. Thereafter the power of Mantra moves to the subconscious mind, hearing the singing of mantras in an uninterrupted way. Breathing will also become thinner, which will create an impression on subconscious mind. It may be noted here that the correct recitation of words of mantras should be practiced. Mantras could be used as per their division discussed below.

Division of Mantras

This mantras can be divided into six categories according to their usage. It does not mean that a Mantra used for one purpose cannot be used for another one. It is the way of practicing the Mantra which is called as tantra.

1. Shantikaran: When the Mantra is used for curing the evil effect of planets, evil spirit, diseases then this process is called Shantikaran.

2. Vashikaran: Gaining control over deity, soul, female, male, officer, minister etc., according to the need is called Vashikaran.

3. Stambhan: These mantras deal with all the persons practicing Vashikaran and stop them from harming others.

4. Ucchatan: These mantras are used to disrupt the mind of the enemies opponents and other persons so that they remain away from harming the devotee. It creates quarrel between two persons.

5. Vidveshan: These mantras are used for creating differences between the two or many persons.

6. Maaran: These are death inflicting mantras through which any body can be harmed.

These are also called six rites as per classics.


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