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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Sarvato Bhadra Chakra, Chapter XII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

12.2.2 To prepare a Sarvato-Bhadra Chakra, we need to draw 10 lines horizontally and then 10 lines vertically, intersecting each other, thereby giving us 81 squares. The squares are numbered from NE corner, clock-wise. Now 13 vowels, 28 Nakshtras, 33 letters/ constants, 12 signs, 16 Tithis, 7 planets & their days are placed in the Chakra as follows. The first line facing East has vowel A in square number 1 in NE corner, followed by Seven Nakshtra from Krittika to Ashleshain square Nos 2 to 8. Square No. 9 in SE corner is filled by Vowel Aa. Under Aa, in South direction, put next seven Nakshtra vertically down from Magha to Vishakha in square to left and put Nakshtra Anuradha to Shravan in square Nos 18 to 24, followed by Vowel Ee, NW corner square No, 25. Now move vertically up and put Nakshtra from Dhanishta to Bharini in Northern side square Nos 26 to 32. Now move into second line horizontally in Eastern side from left to right, and under square No. 2, put Vowel U in square No. 33, followed by letters A, B/ V, K/Gh/Chh, H & D in square Nos, 34 to 38 and Vowel Uoo in square 39, before square No. 10.

From square 39, move down vertically in South direction and put letters M, T P/Thh/Sh/Nn, R, Ta in square Nos 40 to 44, followed by Vowel Rr in square no. 45. Now again move horizontally from right to left and put letter N, Ya, Bh/ Ph/ Dh/ Dhh, J & Kh/Khs in Western square Nos. 46 to 50, followed by Vowel Ri in square No. 51. Now move vertically up in North and put letters Ga, S/ Sh Da/Tha/Jh/Yn Ch & L in square Nos. 52 to 56. Moving horizontally now in East the next square No. 57 has vowel Lr followed by three signs-Taurus, Gemini & Cancer in square Nos 58 to 60 and vowel Lra in square No. 61. From here move vertically below in South, putting next three signs- Leo, Virgo & Libra in square Nos 62 to 64 and vowel Ay in square No. 65. Now move horizontally in West –putting next three signs- Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn in square Nos 66 to 68, followed by vowel Aye in square No. 69. Now move vertically up and put last three signs- Aquarius, Pisces & Aries in square Nos. 70 to 72 in North.

Next to Aries, put in East, vowel O in square No. 73, followed by Nanda Tithis, Sunday & Tuesday with planets Sun & Mars in square 74 and vowel Aou in square 75; move downward in South and put Bhadra Tithis, Monday & Wesnesday with planets Moon & Mercury in square No. 76 and vowel An in square 77. Now move horizontally and put Jaya Tithi, Thursday & Jupiter in square 78 and vowel Ah in square No. 79. Above this vowel, in square No 80 put Rikta Tithis, Friday & Venus and finally in inner most square No. 81 put Poorna Tithis, Saturday & Saturn.


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