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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit and Ashtakvarga, Chapter IV, Part - 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4.6.3 Analysis

i) Note the figure against Sun in SAV and SamAV. Both has figure of `4’; but while in SAV, these 4 points have been contributed in Prashtarak of Sun by Sun, Mars, Saturn & Lagna, in SamAV, these four points have been contributed by Sun himself in the 1st Kaksha (or the 1st compartment of 3-45’) of Aries. The Principle is the Prashtarak is a spread sheet having the full gamut of ashtakvarga. Derive Bhinnashtak to study the strength, promise & quantum of a sign/ house & the planet and derive SamAV to know the timing of results pertaining to a planet as per the transit of the planet in the particular Kaksha or 1/8 of a sign.

ii) In SAV, the total points (337) are divided among 12 signs/ houses, so average points per sign/ house works out to about 28. So a sign/ house having points between 26 to 30, gives good benefic results. A house having 31 to 35 give very good benefic results and the sign/ house having more than 35 points give excellent results as per their significations. Similarly the sign/ houses having 21 to 25 points give moderate/ poor results and the sign/ houses having less than 21 points give adverse results as per their significations.

iii) In any horoscope, if planets are concentrated in any house, the Upachaya houses from that house get strengthened, which augers well for the native.

iv) Every planet gives benefic results in 11th house from where it is posited.

v) The Mahadasha/ Antar-dasha/ Pratyantar-dasdha lords in transit should be in those Kaksha that have, preferably, 4 or more points. The total counts of the three Kaksha should be more than 11 points (in Sam AV, the maximum points that can accrue to a planet are 7. So the maximum points that the three transiting planets put together in three Kaksha can be 21. The half of which is 10.5. Hence 11 points are benefic results producing transit).

vi) The Moon transits through almost four Kaksha in a day. The best results for that day will accrue when the Moon is transiting in a Kaksha having the highest points. It can be utilized like the most auspicious Muhrata for any work by the native.

vii) The sign/ house, which has the maximum points, is generally auspicious to the native and all good works should be commenced having this sign as Lagna.

viii) A native will be happy if the points in the 11th house are greater than those in 10th or 12th house and lagna has more points than in 12th house. It will denotes that the native will gain or earn more with less efforts and his expenditure will be less than his earnings.

ix) The 12 signs of SAV may be divided into three parts of four signs each commencing from Pisces to indicate welfare/ prosperity depending on the total point accrued in that part as under:

a) Pisces, Aries, Taurus & Gemini represent the first part of a native’s life.

b) Cancer, Leo, Virgo & Libra represent the middle part of a native’s life.

c) Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius represent the last part or old age of a native’s life.

4.7 Conclusion

The Ashtak varga system is a very fine tool to facilitate calculations to know the basic promise/ capability of a sign/ house and planet to give results based on eight sources (seven planets & lagna) on the 12 signs/ houses and the planets. It also helps in finding out the timing of results based on transit of a planet in a particular Kaksha (1/8th part of a sign). This system can also provide the transit results for any particular period, be it a day, a week, a month or a dasha period.

However it should always be remembered that the quality/ quantity of results of transiting planets will always be subservient to the promise of the birth chart and the dasha operating in the particular period.

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