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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Factors Modifying Transits, Chapter V, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5.7 Latta

5.7.1 Each planet has been assigned a Nakshtra placed at a pre-determined place from its transiting location, where it has great malefic influence. This Nakshtra is called the planet’s Latta. In Hindi, it is called “Laat marna” which literally means a “Kick”. Whenever this Latta Nakshtra coincide with natal star (Janma Nakshtra), it gives very bad results resulting in sickness and anguish. When the Latta Nakshtra is counted in the forward direction i.e. from Ashwani to Bharini to Krittika and so on, it is called Puri-latta or forward latta. When the Nakshtra is to be counted in backward direction i.e. from Ashwani to Revati to Uttara Bhadrapad and so on, it is called Prishtha-latta or backward latta.

5.7.2 The Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have their latta Nakshtra as the 12th, 3rd, 6th and 8th Nakshtra counted from the Nakshtra that they may be transiting at any given time, in the forward direction. Hence are called Puro-lattas. For example, on 01st Oct 2011, The Sun was transiting in Hasta Nakshtra, So its Latta Nakshtra will be felt in Hasta + 12th i.e. Shatbhisha Nakshtra. Similarly the Saturn is transiting in Chitra Nakshtra, so its kick will be 8th Nakshtra from Chitra i.e. Uttar Ashad. For those natives whose natal star is Shatbhisha/ Uttar-ashad, the Sun/ Saturn would cause anguish due to loss of wealth/ calamity.

5.7.3 The latta Nakshtra of Moon, Mercury, Venus and Nodes are counted backwards from the Nakshtra that they are transiting at any given time. For Moon it is 22nd Nakshtra, for Mercury 7th Nakshtra, for Venus 5th Nakshtra and for Rahu/ Ketu the 9th Nakshtra counted in backward direction. For example, on 01 Oct 2011, Venus was transiting in Chitra Nakshtra, so its Prishtha-latta will be located 5 Nakshtra behind it i.e. in Magha Nakshtra. Similarly Rahu was transiting in Jyestha Nakshtra, so its Prishtha-latta will be 9th Nakshtra behind it i.e. Magha Nakshtra.

5.7.4 Results: According to sage Mantreshwar, in Phaldeepika, chapter 26, sloka 42 to 47, when the latta Nakshtra of various planets coincide with the native’s Janma Nakshtra, the results are as under:

i) The Sun: Loss of wealth of ruin of business.

ii) The Moon: Loss of honour or great fear.

iii) Mercury: Loss of position. Place or wealth.

iv) Jupiter: Ruin of relations, fear & insecurity.

v) Venus: Quarrels or destruction of undertakings.

vi) Mars, Saturn or Nodes: Unhappiness of all kinds including death.


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