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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Factors Modifying Transits, Chapter V, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5.5 Nakshtra Transit

5.5.1 In Chapter 2, we have seen that there are 27 Nakshtra or Lunar Mansions, starting from Ashwani to Revati. These are grouped in triadfs or cycles of nine Nakshtra each and are called Janma, Anjuanma & Trijanma respectively. In each triad, the Nakshtra are ruled by planets as they appear in Vimshotri dasha pattern, starting from Ketu to Venus. In each triad, 1st Nakshtra is called Janma Nakshtra, 2nd the Sampath Nakshtra, the 3rd Vipat Nakshtra, the 4th Kshema, the 5th Pratyari Nakshtra, the 6th Sadhak Nakshtra, the 7th Vadha Nakshtra, the 8th Mitra Nkashtra and the 9th as Param Mitra Nakshtra. As the names suggest 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th & 9th Nakshtra are auspicious, 3rd, 5th & 7th are inauspicious and the 1st is moderate. In the birth chart, the Nakshtra where the Moon is placed (say in Krittika) is called the Janma Nakshtra (or birth star) with Sun as its lord and so will be 10th & 19th from it. The next Nakshtra (Rohini) will be called Sampath Nakshtra with Moon as its lord and so will be 11th & 20th from it (i.e. Hasta & Shravan); and so on with 9th Nakshtra from Krittika (Poorva Falguni) called Param Mitra Nakshtra with Venus as its lord and so will be 18th & 27th Nakshtra (Poorvashada & Bharini).

5.5.2 Thus for a native born with Moon in Krittika Nakshtra (Janma Nakshtra), transit of a planet through the Sampat Nakshtra of Moon (Rohini, Hasta & Shravan) Kshema Nakshtra of Rahu (Ardra, Swati & Shatbhisha) Sadhak Nakshtra of Saturn (Pushya, Anuradha & Uttar Bhadra), Mitra Nakshtra of Ketu (Magha, Moola & Ashwani), and Param Mitra Nakshtra of Venus (P. Falguni, P. Ashada & Bharini) will give good results. Whereas the transit through Vipat Nakshtra of Mars (Mrigshira, Chitra & Dhanishta), Pratyari Nakshtra of Jupiter (Punurvasu, Vishakha & P. Bhadra), and Vadha Nakshtra of Mercury (Ashlesha, Jyestha & Revati) will give bad results. The transit through Janma Nakshtra of Krittika, U. Falguni & U. Ashada will just be moderate. These results are, however not to be applied literally. The strength, nature and placement of these planets in the natal chart (as per Panchda Maitri) will also modify the results.

5.5.3 Be careful on Birth Star day: Sages have suggested not to do any auspicious work on the birth star day. Instead one should worship God/ Goddess, get blessings of elders and do charity. Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31st Oct 1984, when her birth star, Uttarashada, was ruling. It culminated the destiny pattern all of sudden without any hint to her. Similarly untoward events take place, while people are around mid-forties, when planets move to the 7th sign from their original position. Mr Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991, when his birth star, Poorva Phalguni was ruling. He was also running the dasha of Rahu-Saturn, both of which were transiting in the 7th sign from their original positions.


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