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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: What is Transit, Chapter I, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1.7 Interpreting Transits

1.7.1 In the zodiac, all the planets are continuously on move as per a set pattern. Therefore at any given time, there are multiple effects of transits by various planets, on any house/ planet of natal chart. The transits primarily involve developments in life circumstances outside the native’s control, along with the psychological developments from within the native. The synthesis of the two indicates the trend of things as per the relevant of the natal chart. In short each native carries the pattern or promise of the natal chart with him all his life, and transit movements of planets only indicate when the potential of the natal chart may have the opportunities to develop. The transits of the outer planets are considered more important, as their effects lasts for much longer durations for a trend to materialize.

1.7.2 There are many factors other than one’s consciousness which determine how transits are to be expressed. The Vedic astrology is primarily based on the theory of Karma. There is something that continues through and beyond a single life, which accrues substance as per the choices made in earlier life times and which acts as a magnet for the kind of experiences one attracts. There may be factors in the family inheritance over which one has no control. One is an inheritor of family conflicts & complexes that have accumulated & crystallized over many generations. Then there are own unconscious complexes which unwittingly contribute to create or are drawn into situations which enact internal issues-either because one has been avoiding these issues in the past, or because they are simply ripe and the right moment has arrived.

1.7.3 As a general overview, there are three main levels on which planetary transits seem to operate. The first is “Teleology”, i.e. the belief that all events & developments are due to a hidden purpose/ design in terms of evolution of personality, the soul or both. Those of us, who have a religious / spiritual bent, assume that there is meaning & purpose n the experiences which occur in a native’s life. Some astrologers focus almost entirely on this level and consider other levels too trivial. Often such approach can be wonderfully healing in the midst of turmoil, stress & pain explaining the transits in terms of potential and the teleology.

1.7.4 However transits also have an emotional level of expression. This is psychological, but is more concerned with the native’s responses both on feeling level nd in terms of the unconscious complexes which are being activated. Our emotional responses are extremely complicated and a lot depends on how much self-understanding one has achieved, how strong the ego is, what kind of containment one can bring to the feelings, and how much one knows about one’s parental complexes. There may be no relationship between the meaning of a transit and how one actually feels and behaves at the time. The emotional response to a transit may be different from the teleology of the transit. It is extremely important to understand how a native feels under difficult transits. It is the most complex of the three levels of expression, because one is confronted with the mystery of individual consciousness, emotional reality and the past experiences which a native has recently undergone.

1.7.5 The third level of transits is that of materialization. There are many issues, inner & outer, that may affect, if a transit will materialize and in what way. Working on this level, the focus is on what will happen in the material world under a particular transit. The individual complexes, ego-consciousness, the past Karma/ destiny, the prevailing social attitudes and the family inheritance, genetic & psychological, are all very relevant. Then there may be a collective fate- sometimes the entire nation or the people may have a specific destiny in terms of human evolution and a specific ancestral inheritance. While studying & interpreting the transit effects, all the three levels along with divine intuition based on experience is the key for complex situations.

1.8 Conclusion

Transit is an essential ingredient for an accurate astrological prediction about timing of events. However, it must be clearly understood that transit is subservient to basic birth chart, which stores numerous inherent promises based on the Prarbdha Karma of the native. These promises are packaged as they unfold themselves as per dasha-antar-dasha system. The dasha system provides the dynamism to the birth chart to keep pace with the chronological growth. The appropriate transit then delivers the packaged promise to the native. Thus the role of transit is just that of a Divine messenger of the Almighty. The transit cannot deliver what is not promised in the birth chart or packaged as per dasha system. A transit occurs whenever a planet moving in its orbit, forms an aspect to a planet, ascendant or the house cusps in the birth chart of a native.

Secondly, although many reference points are available for evaluating the transit effects, but ascendant, the Moon and the Sun are the most common. In Vedic astrology, normally the transit with reference to natal Moon is given over-riding preference over others because of various special traits of the Moon. The transits are either good or evil. The good one makes everything smooth and ensure success. But even the evil aspects reform a native. They make a native more capable to overcome the difficulties & obstacles to safeguard his interest. Such aspects give a native great energy & ambitions for further progress in life.

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