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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Basic Considerations, Chapter IX, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Significations of Houses

Part 2

4th House: It is also called Sukh or Matru Bhava. It denotes mother, home, happiness, mind, emotions, feelings, medicine, nurse, nursing homes, milk, milk giving animals, water, blood & affection (signified by Moon), education, learning & intellect (signified by Mercury), vehicles, fragrance, clothes & comforts of all types (signified by Venus), house & ancestral property (Signified by Mars) and farm land, crop & agricultural equipments (signified by Saturn). It also signifies wells, gardens, orchards, antiques, monuments, private & secret affairs, false allegations, taking/ giving rent/ lease, tenant, and among body parts-heart, breast, chest, lung, thoracic region. Moon is the general Karaka of the house.

5th House: It is also called Putra or Poorva Punya Bhava. It signifies children, pregnancy, fertility/ sterility, first conception, abortion/ miscarriage, all legal/ illegal amusements, all games/ sports including racing, cards, betting, shares, speculation, cinema, music, dance, drama, artistic talents, recreations, pleasures, lady love, love affairs, romance before/ after marriage, rape, adultery, wisdom, genius, creative faculties, discretion, resourcefulness, foresight, Poorva punya, mantra, spiritual practice, knowledge of scriptures, enormous riches, ministers, royalty as well as fall from position, humility, poems/ literary works, body parts- heart, liver and upper abdomen. Jupiter is the main Karaka of the house, but Mercury signifies intellect, unearned income & artistic talents.

6th House: It is also called Trika, Ripu or Rog Bhava. It denotes diseases, sorrow, worry, debt, theft, calamity, service, servants, punishments, misfortune & bad luck and vices (signified by Saturn), enemies, hurdles, conflicts, wounds, injuries & swellings, litigations, competitions, and accidents (signified by Mars), maternal cousins & uncles, pets, borrowings, and step-mother (signified by Mercury). It also signifies six enemies oh humanity Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (infatuation), Ahankara (arrogance) & Eersha (jealousy) and public health, sanitation, mental agony/ torture and body parts- large intestine, urinary tract, anus, waist & naval region. This house gives Upachaya (auspicious) effects when aspected by benefics only, otherwise it is an evil house.

7th House: It is also called Kalatra (spouse), Kama (desires) and Mrityu Bhava. It is weakest among the Kendra houses. It denotes spouse, marriage, married life, cohabitation, bedrooms, ladies’ apartments, diplomacy & commercial vehicles (signified by Venus), sex vigour, victory over enemies, and Kuja Dosh (signified by Mars). It also signifies business-partner, competitor in any shape, foreign travels/ settlement, adopted son, second child, desires, death, and body parts- pelvis, lower abdomen, female procreative organs. Saturn is Digbali here but Saturn & Mercury are not good for marriage & married life. Jupiter & Moon gives good results.

8th House: It is also called Randhra, Trika or Ayur Bhava. It has a direct bearing on one’s longevity & sub-conscious mind and signifies time, place, mode & cause of death, total destruction, scandals, chronic & fatal diseases, drowning, fire & vehicle accidents, loss of limbs, inheritance, will, insurance & other unearned/ delayed income, punishment from state, all types of difficulties/ obstructions, worries, discontinuity, interruption, worries, defeat, humiliation, mutual conjugal adjustment, accusation & intrigues, occult science, research scientific studies, underground activities and wealth including mining & petrol, wealth of spouse, powers to manipulate others, wickedness, and drugs etc. Saturn is main Karaka for longevity, sorrows, difficulties & death.

9th House: It is also called Bhagya, Dharma or Trikone Bhava. It signifies father, guru (preceptor), gods, pilgrimage, virtuous deeds, super-conscious mind, long distance/ foreign travel, charity, devotion/ respect of elders, saints & gods, grand-son, 3rd child, higher education, meta-physical studies, law, philosophy, intuition, research & discoveries, spiritual life & attainments, sudden prosperity & wealth and body parts- hips, thighs & left ventricle. Jupiter is the main Karaka for this house, but Sun signifies father.

10th House: It is the most important Kendra and is called Bhava of Karma, & vocation. It is the house of profession, career, business or any means of earning livelihood. It signifies honour, status, rank, authority, eminence, popularity, meritorious deeds, recognition from superiors & rulers, name, fame, promotion, self respect, fixity of purpose, trade preferment and body parts- knees, patellae, & back-bone. Mercury is karaka for trade, Sun for power & position, Jupiter for fortune & big business, and Saturn for service, livelihood & mass popularity.

11th House: It is also called house of gains & fulfillment of desires. It signifies elder siblings, friends, gains, income, acquisitions & fulfillment of desires of all types, and among body parts- ankles, left leg & ears. Jupiter is the general karaka for this House.

12th House: It is also called Trika & Vyaya Bhava. It signifies expenditure/ loss- physical, emotional, financial, or of position, confinement, hospitalization, nursing homes, jails, imprisonments, seclusion, every kind of grief, mental anguish, misery, sedition, suicide, assassination, secret enemies/ plot, treachery, loss of marriage & children, bed-pleasures, foreign countries & residence there, life in ashram, renunciation, Moksha, disturbed sleep, dreams, subconscious mind, and body parts- feet & left eye. The main significator is Saturn, but Mars (confinement), Venus (material desires & luxuries), Jupiter (knowledge), Ketu (Moksha) and Rahu (foreign travel) also matters.

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