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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Basic Considerations, Chapter IX, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

General Rules For Prediction

15. While judging an annual horoscope, certain points should always be kept in mind. These include benefic/ malefic nature-both natural & functional, the state of exaltation/ debilitation, their disposition in friendly/ inimical signs, conjunction & aspect of other planets on them, which account for deciding the good/ bad results. Some of the significant Sootras (guidelines) are given below:

1. A planet, which promises benefic or adverse results by its disposition in birth chart, if also disposed accordingly in the same sign and/ or house, produces similar results.

2. A planet which is strong in birth chart, but weak in annual chart, gives good initially, but peters down to bad results during year end.

3. A planet weak in birth chart, but strong in annual chart gives adverse results during first six months, but gradually improves to become good in later part of the year.

4. Planets strong in birth as well as in annual chart give consistently good results throughout the year.

5. Planets weak in birth & annual chart, give adverse results throughout the year.

6. As lagna in annual chart, is one of the houses of the birth chart, most of the results during the year will confine to significations of that house only. However, if lagna of birth & annual chart is same, called Dwi-Janam Year, it indicates adverse results.

7. The above results are modified by location of Muntha, Muntha lord, lord of the year, lord of 8th house of natal chart, and their aspect on lagna, lagna lord and the house under consideration.

8. If Trirashi lord is debilitated and/ or aspected by malefic, there would be failure of all kind. If Muntha lord and/ or year lord is posited in enemy signs and are combust and/ or afflicted, it leads to illness & miseries.

9. If Muntha lord and lagna lord are combust and aspected Saturn, one suffers from mental agonies and fear of unknown.

10. Placement of Moon in 4, 6, 7, 8 or 12th house is not good. If this Moon is afflicted by Mars, there may be fire or wound by weapon; if by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, it causes diseases and fear from enemies: affliction by Sun gives poverty. However, aspect of Jupiter mitigate adverse results to a great extent.

11. In annual chart, if 8th lord goes to lagna or lagna lord goes to 8th house and is aspected by Mars and Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is combust or debilitated, native meets with some disaster or may meet even death.

12. If malefic planets are strong and benefic weak, or in 6th or 8th house, the native suffers mental agony.

13. 8th lord of birth chart, if in a Kendra/ Trikone in annual chart, there is danger from weapon or poison and native may suffer ill-health & mental agony throughout the year.

14. The lords of 2nd & 9th if weak, causes loss of wealth.

15. Moon & Saturn in 12th with benefics in 6th house, leads loss of wealth.

16. If Moon occupies sign of natal Mars, native gets rise in status or promotion, if in service.

17. If a naturally malefic planet is debilitated in 4th house of an annual chart, native may lose the job, or may be a victim of change of place/ position, or loss of some near relation.

18. If 10th sign of natal chart happens to be in lagna of annual chart, and an unafflicted Muntha is placed in 10th house, native will get gain from government & rise in status or promotion in service. If Muntha is placed in lagna itself, there may be change in position as well as happiness in life.

19. Malefic affliction of lord of year, lagna or Muntha in annual chart, there is danger from government; but if strongly disposed in 7th house, native gains from trade & business dealings.

20. No Rajyoga will materialize if lord of the year, Muntha lord and lagna lord of birth chart are combust, debilitated, conjunct or aspected by malefic in annual chart.

21. If 7th lord of birth chart becomes lord of Muntha or of 9th house, and is posited in 7th or 10th house, provides all types of happiness.

22. If Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury or Venus (any one) is year lord, and placed in 5th, 9th or 11th house, getting benefic aspect would be blessed with a son or may get happiness from son. But if aspected by malefic, one may get displeasure from son.

23. A strong lord of lagna, year and Muntha as per Panch-Vargiya Bala, aspected by benefics is the best antidote for any adverse result of other combinations in annual chart.

24. If Moon, Jupiter, & Venus are in their own huddas and are in mutual Ithasala, the  native gets glory, power, wealth & comforts. If unafflicted Sun & Mars are in 3, 6, or 11th house from lagna or Muntha, all evils are washed away and native becomes prosperous by own efforts.

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