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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tajika Aspects, Chapter II, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal
Orb of Influence
5. There is another important aspects that of orb of influence or Deeptamsha between any two planets. For the influence of aspect to be effective, the two planets should be within their orb of influence (Deeptamsha). Each planet has its own orb of influence or Deeptamsha in degrees, which is as under:

Deeptamsha/ orb

When two planets are within their orb, they transmit effective radiance to each other, which may be friendly or inimical. The closure the two planets are degree wise (san sign), the greater will be their influence on each other. To find out the orb/ Deeptamsha between any two planets, add their individual Deeptamshas and find the average of the two. For example to find out the Deeptamsha between Moon & Mars, add the Deeptamsha of the two i.e. 12+8 = 20; the average of the two comes to 20/1=10. So the two planets will influence each other only if they are within 10 degrees in their respective house. If the two planets are beyond their Deeptamsha they will not produce any result, neither friendly/ good nor inimical/ bad, irrespective of the house where they are posited. The planets in close in close Deeptamsha give good results even in Trika (6, 8, or 12th) houses.

Role of Rahu-Ketu
6. The role of Rahu & Ketu, their manner and extent of influence are conspicuously absent in all classic Tajika writings. No orb/ Deeptamsha has been assigned to Rahu & Ketu. However we must keep our mind open and receptive to situations which involve association of Rahu & Ketu with any planet. Generally it is seen that they produce effective inimical influence over all planets producing unfavourable results. The closure they are posited to a planet degree wise in the same house or in the houses having effective influence, the more adverse will be the influence. Some astrologers opines that Rahu & Ketu behave as per the characteristics of their dispositor; while others say Rahu behaves akin to Saturn, while Ketu acts as Mars.

Role of Retrograde & Combust Planets
7. If the lagna lord or Karyesh gets retrograde it indicates obstacles/ problems/repeat action. The extent of damage will depend on the closeness of degree of/ with Lagnesh or Karyesh. If this planet happens to be malefic or lord of a malefic house, or both, it may indicatet failure. The importance of retrograde planets must be understood in relation to an important Tajik Yoga “Rudda yoga” (discussed in the chapter on yogas). Rudda yoga can lead to repetition or even cancellation of an event depending on the conditions and closeness of retrograde planet. Although role of an combust planet has not been defined clearly, but it always leads to obstacles/ cancellation of the event or Prashna.

Let us take couple of cases of “Prashna” to illustrate above points. A native asked a question,” Will I get a Transfer of my choice soon?”.

In this case the query pertains to 10th house. The 10th lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in identical degrees as lagna, in 3rd house. The Lagnesh Venus is in 8th house. The two planets are in 6/8 position from each other, hence there is no aspect/ relation between them. Rahu is in 11th house in identical degrees as lagna & 10th lord Saturn and aspecting Saturn. Therefore the query is bound to fail and there seems no chance of the native’s transfer in near future. Other contributing factors for failure of query are Lagna being fixed & Prishtodaya, Moon being in 8th house and 8th lord Sun in 10th house.

In another case, a native approached on 5 Mar 2010 to know “When I will get married”.

In this case, the query pertains to 7th house of marriage. The 7th lord Venus (who also  happens to be the karaka of marriage) is in 12th house in mutual aspect with 11h lord retrograde Saturn. The Lagnesh Mars was in 4th house in openly friendly asapect with 7th lord Venus (being in 5-9th position from each other) within “orb of influence” and also close to lagna degrees. Mars also aspects 7th house with Moon posited thererin. However, the  native was advised that due to various impediments, the marriage was not possible in near future because Lagnesh Mars was debilitated and retrograde and Venus was aspected by retrograde 11th lord Saturn. Other contributory factors were Manglika Dosh due to presence of Mars in 4th house, aspect of Rahu on Lagna, combustion of Jupiter, the other marriage giving planet and the dasha at the time of query bering a Chhidra dasha of Jupiter-Jupiter.

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