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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Introduction to Tajika Shastra, Chapter I, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Tajika & Parashari System

13. The Tajika resembles the Parashari system in numerous ways. The casting of horoscope & divisional charts, and the significations of houses, sign & planets are the same as in Parashari system. However in Tajika there are no eunuch or hermaphrodites planets- both such planets (Mercury & Saturn) are included in the female group of planets. A knowledge of the basics of the Parashari system thus becomes essential in order to understand and apply the Tajika system. The Tajika like Parashari also has an elaborate system of `dashas’ or operational periods essential for the timing of events. However, the Tajika has certain special features having essentially influence of Western elements, which make it somewhat distinct and more effective like a precision instrument in the hand of an astrologer. These features include Tajika aspects, strength of planets, yogas, dasdhas, Sahams etc. In Tajika unlike Parashari, aspects between planets are limited to certain fixed range of longitudes where their orb/ influence is effective, ant in the entire house/ sign. Tajika yogas are also much smaller in number and simpler as compared to Parashari yogas. These have been discussed in subsequent chapters.

Tajika & Jaimini System

14. Tajiki principles, unlike Parashari, are farther away from Jaimini System. Unlike Jaimini, its Karakas for various planets/ events are natural & fixed and do not change for each chart. Again like in Parashari, Tajika follows aspect of planets on other planets & houses, and not by houses to  houses. The number of yogas in two systems are small but quite different from each other. There is no parallel in Jaimini also to the “Orb of influence” between asepcting planets, or to the Sahams, or Tri-Pataki Chart of Tajika system. These will become more clear as we progress in subsequent chapters.

Tajika & Western System

15. Present day Western astrology has its genesis in Tajika system. Both systems share many common concepts and principles, like progression of charts and aspects of planets. These were first postulated by Tajik astrologers and then got incorporated in Western astrology via Arabic/ Greeco astrology. The Varshaphal system represents the best synthesis of Vedic, Arabic and Western astrology.


 16. Tajika astrology is an ancient knowledge initially originated in Tajikistan. During its journey from Tajikistan to India via Persians and Arabs, it has undergone many transformations, but retained its basic rudimentary concepts and principles, like aspects, yogas, Sahams and Tripataki Chakras. However the concepts of Sahams and Tripataki chakra need further research and application, before it could be universally adopted as a precision tool. Nevertheless knowledge in whatever form or name, if it serves the common goal, must be integrated into the whole. Therefore, it is immaterial where the Tajika system had originated but today it is well integrated by Vedic astrologers as well, despite its being western originated.

17. Initially Tajika was applicable to annual horoscopy (Varshphal) alone, but subsequently it is now used with great precision in horary and mundane as well. The Varshfal or Prashna chart is akin to a transit or divisional chart. Therefore its period of scrutiny is rather limited (one year) and it cannot help in long term planning. It cannot give what the natal horoscope does not promise, but the Tajika reveals the promised aspects with better clarity and timing. It is an unique system which provides simple & logical solution in a relatively short time frame even to those who do not have their birth charts.

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