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A Guide to Palmistry: Tips for Hand Reading, Chapter XIX, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Age and Time:
Something of the utmost importance in Hand Reading is the matter of age and time in which events or accidents or career changes are expected to happen. It is a common fault committed by nearly all Hand Readers to fix a certain time or period for a past or coming event. Some palmists are so audacious to fix and name a certain day or month for the event, etc.

Scientifically and logically speaking it is beyond human mental and intellectual powers to give a fixed date, month or year for any event.

The readers should be assured of that; it is beyond human power to tell dates of accidents or events and apparently owing to the great difference of the size, shape, length and course of the main lines in different hands it will be simply impossible to fix a rule which might be applicable to all hands.

Hints on the Study of the Hand
The first thing to learn is to read character, not the lines. The beginner often considers the first part rather dry, and wishes to learn the significance of the lines with as little delay as possible. Unless the Science is worth mastering properly it is not worth learning at all.

The study of the hand gives a wonderful knowledge of Man, and, as knowledge is power, and power never comes without application, so must this study be carefully and diligently pursued.

The reader is warned and specially the beginner, against believing in, or accepting, and very strongly against practicing, the many superstitions which have crept into this science of Hand-reading.

The less logical of Palmists read certain signs on the fingers and elsewhere as showing terrible fatalities, murder, drowning, etc., doing incalculable harm and most seriously frightening their client. These people being illogical and knowing only the superstitious side of Hand-reading, confine their attention to future reading and delight in terrible predictions. They seldom or never prove their knowledge of the Hand by thoroughly analyzing character and health or accurately reading the past, thus establishing a tangible claim to their client’s attention.

Others there are who pretend to read names the initials from the hand. Let there be no mistake, this cannot be done. These people are aided by intuition or by outside sources.

Again, there are so-called Palmists who ask their clients to write down their names on a slip of paper. This, in itself, should always be read as an admission of ignorance.

The student must carefully avoid anything like the above, which does the true Science untold harm, and should the reader have been a victim of the class which delights in predicting trouble let him think carefully whether or not his character, health or past were accurately described, and if not, to worry no further about the prediction. This is not only natural but perfectly sensible.

When reading the lines always think of the mount-type represented by the subject, this frequently modifying one’s reading.
In reading the futu5re endeavour to help and to warn rather than to display one’s knowledge, and thus to help forward the true interests of the Science. If the native is highly strung one will have to be doubly careful not to frighten him.

Never risk making a mistake and never predict the subject’s death or any fatality of this description. The reason it is so strongly advised that Palmistry be first mastered a because not only it is essential to a proper understanding of Palmistry but because it is very necessary to be able to read a person’s character and thus understand him and gain his confidence.

It is very inadvisable to read hands in a drawing-room among a number of people, as it prevents the proper concentration of attention, besides often leading to argument. Always, therefore, endeavour to be alone with the person whose  hands you read.

Shanker Adawal

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