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A Guide to Palmistry: Tips for Hand Reading, Chapter XIX, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Tips for Hand Reading

Part 2
It is advisable to use a memo pad (fig. 1) which contains the various parts of the hand to be examined with sufficient space to record the reader’s remarks. Before commencing Hand Reading, the memo should be filled in. The palmist should wholly depend upon that memo and what he records therein. The following is the interpretation of the abbreviations embodied in the memo:-

(1) SH: Shape of the hand;

(2) TX: Texture of skin;

(3) PF: Palm and fingers which is taller;

(4) MG: Good Mounts;

(5) Bad Mounts;

(6) T/DM: Type of individual according to domineering mount or mounts;

(7) PT: Texture of the thumb or pollex;

(8) PS: The site of thumb;

(9) PZ: The site of the thumb;

(10) WL: The will power and logic phalanges; which is stronger;

(11) FS: Shape of fingers;

(12) FG: Good fingers;

(13) FB: Bad fingers;

(14) FD: Domineering Fingers;

(15) KT: Finger tips;

(16) FT: Fingers Tips;

(17) NS: Size of nails;

(18) NC: Colour of nails;

(19) NF: Form or shape of nails;

(20) PH: Longest Phalanges;

Other remarks on the main and minor lines should be inserted in the relevant space in the memo.

As some people believe that Hand Reading is another method of thought reading, the Hand Reader must avoid as best as he can, looking at the client’s face or eyes.

In case the palmist is doubtful about the interpretation of any line or sign, he should never utter any judgment before examining and comparing both hands. He should be quite surer of what he says. The palmist should also avoid asking questions of any sort in order to gain information upon which he makes his own reading; because this is guessing and not Hand Reading and sooner or later will impair the reputation of the palmist through losing public confidence which is very difficult to gain.

The fame and dignity of the palmist are based upon his strong character and mastering personality, and the faith and confidence which he instills in the public heart and mind.

Some people consider that Palmistry depends on guessing; in order to prove this they devise many ways to pull the palmist’s leg; for instance, they bring him a hand-print and ask him to write a report thereupon; after some months, they either bring the same print or the person himself and ask the palmist to write another report and then they compare the two reports. In such cases if the palmist is not quite surer of his art and knowledge, great difference will be seen in both reports and this means the end of the palmist’s career.

The palmist should also be prepared to answer reasonable or silly questions. He should be tolerant, witty and of jovial character.

In fact, in order to master the art of Palmistry, one should be equipped and fulfill certain requirements amongst which are keen eye-sight, good knowledge and strong character and patience.

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