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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of Heart, Chapter X, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Heart

Part 5

The termination of the Heart line is important. It has been stated that it should run across the hand to the percussion in order to be normal, but it does not always do so-it may be seen starting under Jupiter and ending under Mount Saturn-such a line is not an indication of longevity. With this Heart line, the nails should be examined for indications of paralysis and heart disease, also the Lines of Life and Mercury should be noted for defects as indicating illness, and if such are seen, then the life of the native will probably terminate about the age of twenty-five years. Should, however, the native be above that age, then the sign will indicate one who began life with warm affections, but changed entirely and became cold, selfish, distant and heartless at that age.

The line terminating on Mount of Sun tells of one who has surrendered to the ideal of Art and Beauty, or to some one of the Sunanian type-this, with the line rising on Mount Jupiter, will add ideal love to the Sunanian qualities. At the same time, with this ending, you should note the nails and the lines of Life and Mercury, for indications of heart disease or other defects of the Mount, to make sure that the particular termination is not a health defect.

The line terminating on Mount of Mercury will tell of one largely affected by the finances; money will influence love. It is not generally an indication of a health defect, but it always advisable to note if there is any, as one never knows what may result.

The line terminating on Upper Mars will indicate that the Martian qualities attract, but as such a marking brings the Heart line in close proximity to the Head line, it will indicate a very secretive disposition.

If the Heart line should take a sudden sweep downwards to the Mount of Moon for its termination, the extra length of the Heart line will result in jealousy, increased by the force of imagination due to Mount of Moon, which will make the native most unhappy, as every trifle will be magnified into a tragedy.

It is not in itself a health defect, unless it crosses or cuts the Head line; but if the line forms a curve and ends near the Life line on the Plain of Mars, the life will be endangered, and the native will prove exceedingly irritable and changeable, excitable and difficult to get on with. With this Heart line, the Lines of Head, Life and Mercury must be examined as to its seriousness. Be especially careful with this marking not to confound it with the Line of Saturn-unless it rises well on Mount Jupiter, it must be read as the Line of Saturn, with the Heart line absent.

The next important point in the Heart line to need consideration is the Character of the line, and in order to ascertain this, the line must be noted closely, not as a whole but section wise. For the Heart line to be perfectly conditioned, it must be uniformly deeply cut and smooth, unmarred by breaks, islands or other defective markings, of proper length and well-coloured. The line then indicates strong affections and consistency in love matters; true, there may be but few love affairs, but when there are such, they will be strong and ardent but not over demonstrative. What is more to the purpose, the circulation will be good, and so will be the physical condition of the heart itself.

If the line is thin, there will be little care for others manifested; the affections will be marked by selfishness, with no genuine affection for any one; the native will be narrow-minded, conventional and unsympathetic. The line, however, must be thin out of proportion to the other Lines of the  hand, and the type of the native must be taken into account.

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