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A Guide to Palmistry: Life Line, Chapter XII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Life Line

Part 1
This line is wrongly called the Line of Life on the assumption that, its length corresponds to the age. There is nothing far from fact or logic than this pretension. It is very easy for anyone to ascertain this fact by examining the Line of Vitality in the hands of deceased people and comparer its length with their age at the time of death.

The Line of Vitality has nothing to do with the age or number of years predestined to every one of us to live, on this globe. Study, observation and practice show that a short deep Line of Vitality has the same traits and powers like a long deep one.

Many tests have been carried out on dead people’s hand at the time of death. On examining the Line of Vitality in their hands it showed one that wrong assumption, a premature death. One man having the Line of Vitality running up to the base of the hand, had died at 30 years of age, while another one with a very short strong Line of Vitality has reached now 50 years of age and is still going strong.

The Line of Vitality grows below the Line of Mentality separating the Mounts of Jupiter and the Lower Mars (AB fig. 1), and takes its course surrounding the Mount of Venus till it ends on the Plain of Mars, or at the base of the hand immediately above the rascettes (fig. 2).

Like the Line of Mentality, the Line of Vitality must be seen in every hand irrespective of its shape or size. In very rare cases where it disappears, it is usually replaced by a faint thin line which tells the deterioration of the general health and physical constitution (fig. 3). It is remarkable to note in such cases the bad signs on the Lines of Heart and Fate and the Plain of Mars, and the Quadrangle. The  hand itself will be crowded with thin faint lines. The burden of vitality in these cases will be laid down upon the nerves which will be in a deplorable state. Vertical or horizontal furrows will be seen on all the fingers and thumb. Similar furrows will appear on the white nails.

The Line of Vitality deals directly with the physical constitution of the body, its immunity, vitality and virility. For this reason we have called it the Line of Vitality which is the most appropriate and correct name.

As the Line of Vitality usually starts from the same locality as the Line of Mentality, they being near neighbours, it necessarily partakes some of its qualities in clearly showing the important events of life especially those connected with the private and personal affairs.

Among the most identical characteristics of the Line of Vitality is that it is the only part of the  hand which shows the chances and opportunities available for every one of us in life to improve or change his condition from bad to good.

Also, cooperating with the Line of Mercury, the Line of Vitality shows the different stages of health. This is confirmed by the fact that both Lines of Vitality and Mercury deteriorate towards their ends and show signs of ill health as could be easily seen in the hands of old people and in our own hands when we reach an old age.

Sometimes, there are found at the beginning of the Line of Vitality, thin short lines shooting towards the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 4), these fine lines denote an awkward and hesitating nature that likes something but does nothing to gain it. Almost in all cases where these fine short lines appear, the Line of Heart will end on the Mount of Jupiter in two or more branches. The fingertips will be conic or pointed and the texture of the skin soft or flabby.

If the Line of Vitality ends into two forks, one running towards Moon cutting through the Line of Mentality (fig. 5), it denotes an unbalanced reason at old age.

If a small cross is attached to any part of the Line of Vitality (fig. 6), it denotes a serious surgical operation which will be undertaken at any time or age, and this small cross is either seen at the end of the line or at its beginning where it is immediately separated from the Line of Mentality.

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