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A Guide to Palmistry: Life Line, Chapter XII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Life Line

Part 2
If a big island grows on the Mount of Venus and extends transverse the Line of Vitality and runs along till it reaches the Line of Saturn (fig. 7), it denotes a grave scandalous affair that will impair both health and career.

If a straight vertical line starts from the Mount of the Lower Mars and shoots upwards towards the Mount of Jupiter cutting in its way the Line of Vitality (fig. 8), it indicates that one’s ambitions will be realized after much struggle and fight.

Sometimes, the Line of Vitality starts within the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 9), this usually happens when the Line of Mentality starts also within this mount. Both Lines of Vitality and Mentality never meet at the beginning in such circumstances, and both look long and strong. These  indicate sufficient stamina and brains to achieve one’s ends and gain success. All hands containing such Vitality and Mentality Lines might be assured of rapid success. In such cases the ruling mounts will be Jupiter, Lower Mars and Mercury.

Normally, the Line of Vitality takes its course in the shape of a gentle, curved or semicircular line at a distance from the Mount of Venus increasing towards its end. In such cases it indicates healthy nature, strong nerves and sufficient energy.

In case the Line of Vitality slightly curves and runs near the thumb, thus decreasing the area of the Mount of Venus (fig. 10), it indicates a cold dry nature, insufficient virility and incapacitated sexual urge. It will be always indifferent to the other sex. This line is called the Dry Line of Vitality or Virility and is very important to note in marriage because it often indicates barrenness. It will be nervous and liable to various ailments. This Dry Line is seen often in ladies governed by the bad Saturn or Moon. In every case this Dry Line starts within the Mount of the Lower Mars near the base of the phalange of logic. In ladies’ hands this line also denotes their liability to be attacked with female discases especially during the menstruation period. Bars and crosses on the Mount of Moon affirm this.

People with lymphatic temperament usually have a short deep Line of Vitality and square broad hands with spatulate or square finger tips (fig. 11). These people are hard physical Workers. This short Line of Vitality is often accompanied by a short Line of Mentality that indicates lack of sufficient brains. People with such a Line of Vitality are blockheaded and very obstinate. It is observed, however, that such people enjoy good robust health up to the age of 40 when they firer attacked suddenly by serious discases which gradually and slowly consume their vitality causing them unbearable pains till they meet their death at old age.

If the Line of Vitality is broken at any of its parts (fig. 12), it denotes a grave, illness. The behaviour of the line after the break gives the results of that illness, in ease the disease is dangerous or will persist for a long time, the remaining part of the Line of Vitality after the break will look thin and growing faint gradually, or similar break or an island will appear on both Lines of Fate and Mercury.

If the Line of Vitality is composed of small lines connected together (fig. 13), it means that the health will be attacked with one identical disease at various intervals.

In cases the Line of Vitality is broken at any of its parts, and the two ends of the break are connected with a square or a triangle (fig. 14), it indicates soon recovery, also in case instead of the square or triangle the two ends of the break are overlapping each other (fig. 15), it means complete recovery in a short period.

In case a bad Line of Vitality is accompanied by a bad Mount of Saturn or a deficient or overgrown Mount of Moon where crosses or stars are seen in abundance (fig. 16), it is a sure sign of mental disorder which will end in suicide.

If the Line of Vitality ends suddenly, and a cross or star is seen on the governing mount or mounts (fig. 17), it means that the identical disease of the particular mount or mounts will attack the health occasionally through the whole life. In such cases, small fine lines will be seen shooting from the Line of Vitality towards the base of the palm or the Plain of Mars. Danger of sudden tragic death exists when these fine lines twist on each other or mix together.

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