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Thought for the Weekend - In relationships we WANT TO BE POSSESSED & ALSO DESIRE FREEDOM after a point. When a friend gives you the FEEL that he/she is POSSESSIVE - that makes you FEEL WANTED - you have a PRICE TAG / VALUE - that makes you feel psychologically positive. After a point your MIND AND THE SCRIPT may feel it as a burden or REPETITION of the SAME WAYS may burden you OR you listen to a discourse to conclude that YOU want FREEDOM - this is the DICHOTOMY. APPRECIATION OR PROBLEM SOLUTION ARE THE TWO ASPECTS IN A RELATIONSHIP- LOGIC OR FEEL -. Remember - if your child is playing MARBLES you have to also sit and play to get attention and love ---------- - same applies in a relationship - -------. My thought after meeting a few couples in the last three days for astrology -----
The stars for the next three days 07/12- & 09/12 indicates - You would want to focus on your issues - grab them - kill the problem - that should be your mental frame today . In the next two days i would want you to become practical than having a TIGER approach. Practicality will pay you rich returns. Also the core of your actions should be from goodness. While dealing with elders and authority do not get conned into BIG PLANS - think of the SCRIPT behind and then commit. Also in dealing with friends and relatives keep your expectations low. Pay a little more attention to your fathers health / spend time with your DAD if you are young. Keep away from giving money. In litigation's if things have not been good please defer it for three days. Also evaluate the activities of your child - talk to them/spend time - they would be needing it for sure. Take care and have a good weekend, Live Mindfully, shanker

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