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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Miscellaneous Yoga, Chapter XVI, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

11. Videsh Yatra (foreign journey) Yoga

1. Gone are the days when people should to shudder or had inhibitions or think it inauspicious to go overseas. Today it has become so common that only barriers, which restrict it, are economic consideration or lack of opportunity. Socially it is now a prestige issue for any native.

2. Houses & Planets involved: The 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th & 12th houses and their lords determine foreign journeys. 12th from Moon or 12th lord is equally important. The role of various planets is as under;


i) If Sun is in 8th, native travels from country to country-Saravalli.

ii) Sun in lagna leads to fortune abroad- Bhrigu.

iii) A native becomes a courtier and stays abroad, if Sun is in 5th-Jatak Parijaat.

iv) Foreign travel takes place in dasha of Sun-Ketu, if Ketu is in 6th or 12th from Su9n- Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra.

v) Sun in the 4th gives an honourable profession and settlement abroad- Chamatkar Chintamani.


i) Moon in Kendra particularly in movable signs or in Sagittarius/ Pisces, one travels much both inland or foreign- Jatak Tatwam.

ii) Moon in cancer or Pisces denotes foreign travels.

iii) Moon in 8th, 9th or 12th, particularly if exalted, gives residence & prosperity abroad.

iv) Moon in 6ty, 8th or 12th from Venus means travel abroad- BPHS.

v) Moon in 11th gives love marriage & travel abroad- Bhrigu.


 i) Jupiter being karaka of air gives travels abroad.

ii) Jupiter in 9th or 12th house indicates foreign travels.

iii) Jupiter with Rahu indicates contacts with foreigners and settlement abroad.


i) Venus in Aries or Cancer gives foreign travels- Mansagri.

ii) Venus in 6th, native goes abroad and his property get stolen-Bhrigu.

iii) Venus or lagna in 7th, marriage and settling abroad.

iv) Mars-Venus or Venus-Saturn are combinations for foreign travel.


i) Rahu is karaka of all foreign things- marriage, contacts and settlement abroad.

ii) If Rahu/ Ketu joins lord of 7th, 8th, 9th, or 12th, foreign travel is denoted- Saravalli.

iii) Rahu in lagna or 12th house invariably means foreign travels.

3. Purpose of foreign travel and their indicators

Nature/ Reason of Travel
Relationship between
i) Pleasure trip with family
2nd & 9th lord with 12 lord
ii) Higher studies/ teaching or advancement
4th & 9th lords professional
iii) For getting children
5th house & 5th lord
iv) Service, official assignment, or employer sponsored travel
6th & 9th lords with 10th house/ lord.
v) Honeymoon/ sight – seeing trip
5th, 7th, & 9th lords with Venus
vi) Medical purposes
Weak 1st lord & 6th lord
vi) Nefarious deeds-smuggling, flesh trade, espionage
9th & 12th lords afflicted
vii) Fleeing abroad for political or criminal reasons
6th & 8th lords afflicted
viii) For religious/ spiritual reasons
Favourable disposition of Jupiter, Saturn & 12th lord
ix) Career/ professional advancement
9th & 10th lord related
x) Going with a team of high officials
Sun & Mars related with 9th & 10th houses/ lords
xi) Only for higher studies
4th, 8th & 12th lords
xii) Sight-seeing/ enjoyment
Rahu with Moon/ Venus.

The girl was married to a Canadian citizen of Indian origin in Jun 1994 and left India for good in dec 1994 during dasha of Jupiter-Rahu. Rahu is posited in 12th exactly 10 house away from Jupiter. Her lagna lord is in 2nd house of Gemini, whose 12th lord is Venus herself, exalted in Navamsha. Strong Venus brought her to a prosperous foreign land through marriage. Rahu is aspected by her 7th-12th lord Mars. Her 7th lord (husband) is in mutual aspect with 9th lord (long journey). Her 4th house is hemmed between 8th lord Jupiter & 12th lord Mars. All these factors gave her foreign settlement through marriage.

12. Summary

In this chapter, we have discussed eight groups of important yogas, which could not be clubbed under any head in previous chapters with the help of eight new charts. Altogether in this book we have discussed over 500 yogas of different varieties and explained them with the help of 170 horoscopes. We hope this book would be handy and useful for students and professional astrologers both in their works. However shortcomings, if any, are mine and I would love to get a feed-back on them by august readers.

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