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A Guide to Palmistry: Fingers and Finger Tips, Chapter III, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Knots Part (1)

Turning to the other side of the  hand, the backs of the fingers will impress you as belonging to one of two classes- those having the joints of the phalanges developed and Knotty, or those which are Smooth. These two general classes are again divided into those which have both joints Knotty and those where only one joint is thickened.

Two distinctly opposite classes of people re indicated by these Knotty or Smooth fingers. On many fingers the first joints only are developed; this development is known as the Knot of Mental order, and gives order in ideas and arrangement of thought.

On other hands we find the second joints of the fingers developed, and these are known as the Knots of Material order, which give punctuality and neatness in the home, office and general surroundings.

The development of both Knots on the fingers show both Mental and Material order and system; it gives the indication of one who acts slowly, thinks carefully over things, and applies the attributes of mental and material order to whatever he does. Naturally this leads to the habit of analyzing everything, and reasoning out all questions, hence they are not carried away by impulse or enthusiasm, but investigate all things; they are studious, and they always give an impression of quiet energy and commonsense.

If only the Knot of Mental order is developed, it will indicate the possession of an intelligent mind, a  systematic way of thinking, mental carefulness and regularity providing the Knot is of normal size. Excessive development produces cranks, or even insanity.

If the second or Knot of Material order only is seen well developed, it will tell of one whose home is neat and orderly; the personal appearance will be neat, and the subject will be methodical in his life and habits. If the tips of the fingers are Square, he will be carried away by his sense of system.

When Knotty fingers are seen, the tips of the fingers must always be noted. If these are Square tips, they add Square qualities to the Knotty ones in this case you will find a fanatic for red-tape, a severe disciplinarian and hard task-master. If the Tips are Spatulate, with the first Knot developed, you will have a subject who is extremely obstinate and cranky. Conic or pointed tips lessen the force of the Knots, and constitute the ideal Knotty hand.

The consistency of the hand must be noted, as the Knots require the elastic consistency for their fullest expression.

If the Knots bulge so as to distort the fingers, the characteristics will be very pronounced; while if they bulge out at the sides of the fingers, as well as on the back, it is an excessive development, as it will cause the first phalanx of the finger to bend inwards, in which case the stiff qualities of the mind will predominate and hobbies will be ridden to death.

Many hands will be found which are distinctly smooth in appearance, no Knots being seen on the fingers. The fingers may have any sort of tips, and impulse, intuition and inspiration belong to them. Sentiment and fancy, rather than reason, will guide their actions, and invariably with them first impressions are the best and the safest to follow. They are artistic in their taste, quick to think, and act always by inspiration. They love the things which phase the eyes, are tasteful in dress, but if the fingers are coarse and thick, tins may degenerate into a love of show and display. These qualities do not belong solely to high-grade characters; they are to be found in the lowest walks of life. Smooth fingers always indicate one who relies, not on reason, but on inspiration, impulse and intuition, who loves the beautiful according to his or her standard, and who in general acts on the spur of the moment.

Smooth-fingered persons are emotional and far more susceptible to and influenced by passion (not temper) than those with Knotty fingers. They are successful in business and life, yet there is an element of danger and uncertainty about them, for their inspirations are often wrong. A good Head Line is needed to ensure safety with the Smooth-fingered individual.

Smooth fingers with the first joint marked by a Knot often denote a talent for invention, or intuition in science.

If the Head Line is defective and twisted, and declines on the Mount of Moon, with a short second phalanx of the Thumb, though intuition remains, it will generally be wrong and lead to false conceptions.

The Tips of the Smooth fingers must be taken into account. If pointed, the most artistic side of the Smooth fingers is indicated. If Square, the quickness and inspiration will be on practical lines. If Spatulate, it will add originality, independence and activity, but such a combination will need very careful handling to prevent the native from becoming a crank and consequently  unsuccessful in life.

Again the fingers should be noted for their Length, as they will be long, normal or short. The category under which they come may be tested in the manner previously described, by closing the fingers over the palm so as to ascertain how far towards the wrist they will reach.

Long hands are to be met with in which the palm as well as the fingers will be very long, though the fingers may be but a trifle over normal length. These Long hands tell of one who is not only slow going, but also talks slowly and carefully enunciates every syllable of his words. The long hands indicate the possession of a mind that acts slowly and they must be taken in connection with long fingers.

A great difference will be found in the character of those with long thin fingers and those with long thick fingers. Thin fingers accentuate the qualities of long fingers. Thick fingers make long fingers less given to pushing long fingered qualities to excess.

The long fingered person is one who goes closely into details, accepts nothing as a whole is very careful in small things but often allows large ones to pass unnoticed and is always more or less suspicious and easily offended. He is careful in all things, very sensitive, and net in appearance. As a rule, he possesses a good memory and makes a good book-keeper; in fact in any office where accuracy and attention to detail is essential he is at home. With Square tips, their regularity and detail will make the possessor an ideal accountant.

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