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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2.8 Exchange of 9th lord with lord of other benefic houses
ii) With 10th Lord: This is exchange of lords of the best Trikone (of Dharma) with lord of best Kendra (of Karma), known as Dhama-Karmadhipati yoga. It is the most auspicious yoga praised very high in all classics. This exchange is capable of conferring extraordinarily good results. One’s Karma gets directly related to luck & Dharma. One attains a very high status or enjoy very high government/ administrative job and gains immortality in his life-time. The native is wealthy, famous, kingly prosperous and philanthropic with all comforts of life. One will be very popular and gains recognition even outside his native land.

For illustration, please refer to chart No. 98 of Albrt Einsteen.

ii) With 11th Lord: This is a very good echange as 9th is the best Trikone of luck and also 11th from 11th house; whereas 11th is an Upchaya house from lagna as well as from 9th house. It denotes growth & prosperity of one’s fortunes. One rises in life through own efforts as well as with the help of father, elders and close friends. One will be adept in Vedas & classics and will follow/ preach the same. It indicates good reputation & recognition abroad and foreign settlement also. One will travel abroad to make extra-ordinary good money. But this is an Arishta for father, who may not have much attachment for the native. However if 9th lord is afflicted, one’s luck or gains may be curtailed for lack of permanency.

The native had Mahabhagya yoga as he was born in day time with lagna, Moon & Sun in odd signs. He was born within a Ghati of mid-noon, hence he was destined to be very lucky, famous & wealthy. He had 9th lord Sun exchange place with 11th lord Venus. These made him adept in Vedas & classics and preach the same. It gave him good reputation & recognition globally and foreign settlement in Holland. He travelled extensively and made extra-ordinary good money. He had both luminaries Vargottam. The Bhadra Mahapurush yoga in 10th house, it gave him intellectual pursuits and skill of business acumen. 4th lord Jupiter & 9th lord Sun with Ketu in 11th house is a very good Rajyoga and made him a Karmayogi. The yogi and his followers have given a well-knit business organizational shape to ancient Hindu culture commensurate with modern technology in the form of Transcendral Meditation (TM).

2.9 Exchange of 10th lord with 11th Lord: It is an exchange of lords of two of the best Upchaya houses. It is growth & fulfillment of the Karmas to its logical end. One will be famous through one’s Karmas. One will be happy, prosperous, renowned and have all types of materialistic gains. However the type of gains and their mode of mode of accomplishments will depend on the nature of the involving planets.

For illustration, please refer to Chart No. 84 of Rahul Bajaj.

3. Vipreet Rajyoga
3.1 In chapter 5, it was brought out that Vipreet Rajyoga is formed when either a Trika lord is posited in own house (causing Harsha, Vimal & Sarala Yoga) or in another Trika house. A third variant of Vipreet Rajyoga is caused if Trika lords exchange houses among themselves causing three different types of Vipreet Rajyoga. Other conditions remain the same. These produce very good results as they cause double Vipreet Rajyoga.

3.2 Exchange of 6th & 8th Lords: If not associated with a benefic, this exchange causes Vipreet Rajyoga, giving native a long, famous and prosperous life. However malefic planets give better results than benefic ones. Both the houses are in Upchaya to each other (3-11 axis) to bestow good results. But both houses are of diseases-sixth is 11th (house of gains) of 8th and eighth is 3rd (house of valour); hence native may suffer from prolong/chronic illness. The marital life of the native may also suffer because 7th (house of marriage) is hemmed between two malefic lords.

The native was one of the greatest terrorist of all times. He had exchange of 6th lord Mars with 8th lord Mercury associated with 10th lord Sun & Ketu in 6th house. 3rd house is aspected by its lord Saturn from lagna, by Karaka Mars from 8th house and Jupiter from previous house; hence he was one of the 50 siblings. 9th lord Moon in close conjunction with Rahu made him a strong religious fanatic. Exchange of 6th & 8th lords made him a great crusader of underground activities, fighting for a religious cause and move from place to place with hardly any family life. Presence of Jupiter in 10th aspected by Saturn from lagna and by Ketu conjunct with exalted Sun, gave him lot of patronage from masses and governments. Association of Mercury & Ketu in 6th gave him great intuition and organizational ability. However he suffered from chronic renal problems in later part of life. Aspect of Rahu on Mars gave him a violent death by US airborne troops on 2 May 2011.

3.3 Exchange of 6th & 12th Lords: This exchange is important as both the lords still aspect their own houses. It indicates uninterrupted lifetime prosperity. One borrows heavily to spend lavishly. But health is adversely affected and expenditure on hospitalization/litigation increases. Presence of Ketu with either lord enhances its significations manifolds.

3.4 Exchange of 8th & 12th Lords: The two houses involved in this exchange are in Trikone from each other and form part of Moksha Trikone. The two houses are the base of Moksha Trikone and represents sub-conscious mind, which stores information/ knowledge many times more than the conscious mind. 12th house, though part of Trika houses, is the least malefic and in fact is impressionably neutral. The exchange gives very good results based on merits of Poorva karmas. It indicates unaccountable wealth and name particularly in foreign/ far-away places If related with Jupiter, Saturn & Ketu, the native develops religious inclinations/ spirituality. If the two lords are ill-placed, it denotes false accusation, extra-expenditure on hospitalization or one may be imprisoned. It denotes foreign travels for treatment. Treachery of friends may cause problems.

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