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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2.4 Exchange of 2nd lord with other benefic lords
i) With 4th Lord: This exchange denotes good Vidya & Dhanyoga. It indicates good education, high financial potential, good family business inheritance. The native will spend on luxuries in order to achieve happiness for self and his relations. One will be born in a very rich family, as the two lords are in 3-11 position. The native will earn enough with his own efforts as well.

The native is born in day time with lagna, Moon & Sun all in odd signs, causing Mahabhagya yoga. He has 9th lord Sun posited in Lagna with 10th lord dig Bali Mercury, causing Kendra-Trikone-adhipati and Buddha-aditya yoga in lagna aspected by 2nd lord Saturn. This gave him a skillful mind and great Rajyoga & Dhanyoga. This is further confirmed by exchange of 2nd lord Saturn with 4th lord Jupiter. The debilitation of Jupiter is doubly cancelled by Moon and Jupiter. The Jupiter & Moon also forms Gajkesari yoga in 2nd & 11th house. Both Jupiter and Saturn separately aspects 10th house. This gave native a big boost in industrial field and made him a wealthy and great businessman.

ii) With 5th Lord: It is a great Dhanyoga as lord of wealth exchange with lord of Poorva Punya creativity & wisdom. The native earns wealth by heredity as well as by own efforts, & intellect. One is likely to have good & famous progeny as 5th signifies progeny also. One will be wealthy, wise, and an eloquent speaker. However if either of the lords is afflicted, there would be marital disharmony and the children may have only medium Ayu.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 104 of Indira Gandhi.

iii) With 7th Lord: Both the houses are killer houses in 6-8 position and indicate marriage, wealth, social status and death. The exchange shows dominant spouse, good family life and gain business through wife, females & partners. If afflicted shows poor health of spouse, laxity of morals of either or both and may be death of the spouse.

iv) With 9th lord: This indicates a great Dhanyoga, as it is an exchange of lords of wealth and of Bhagya. One gets wealth from father, through government and across sea by own efforts. If both planets are strong, native is born with a silver spoon in mouth. The native has a large family and is attached to them. He may be a great scholar or businessman. However, if either or both lords are weak / afflicted, it is an Arishta to father. The native may himself have poor health in childhood.
The native was born in a royal family of Orrisa. He had 9th lord Yogkaraka Saturn exchange place with 2nd lord Mercury (associated with Rahu). He also had Gajkesari yoga in 11th house. In 3rd house he had Mars with Ketu making him a dare-devil by nature. The 4th lord Sun in 10th house aspected by Mars formed a great Rajyoga. He started his career as a commercial pilot with Indian National Airways in 1937, during Mercury dasha. During World war II, he joined the freedom movement and secretly helped many revolutionary leaders of India and SE Asia, to move from place to place to avoid harassment by Britishers. When his activities were known, he was imprisoned. After his release, he started his own business and became an industrialist. He was awarded highest civilian award of Indonesia. Simultaneously he took active part in politics. He was Chief Minister of Orrisa in 1961 and in 1955. He was union cabinet minister in Janata government of Morarji Desai and of V.P. Singh. He is known as Maker of Modern Orrisa.

v) With 10th Lord: The two lords are in Trikone to each other and own auspicious houses; hence produce a strong Rajyoga and Dhanyoga with good results. It indicates permanency of wealth and good Karma. The native will rise in life or profession. He will start earning at an early age and will have his own business/ job rather than work for others. He will be wealthy, famous, holding high position and has huge profits & earnings in business. If the lords are weak/ afflicted, there may be abuse of position and earning through under-hand/ questionable means.

vi) With 11th Lord: This is a very good Dhanyoga, as both houses are related to wealth and are in Kendra from each other. One will have “Midas touch”, whatever one does turn into gold. This exchange indicates great gains & profits in business, through inheritance and abundant fortunes after marriage. Elders in the family and influential friends, help in acquiring wealth at a fast rate. One is happy, wealthy, and enjoys domestic harmony. However, if afflicted, money is wasted through them and there will be bickering among family members.

Native was a famous congress leader, who was in active politics for over five decades. He had exchange of 11th lord Mars with 2nd lord Moon, which is a great Dhanyoga. He was born on a full Moon day with Digbali 7-10th lord Jupiter in own Nakshtra in mutual aspect with 9th lord Saturn. Jupiter aspected Sun-Mercury combine in 5th house of Poorva Pumya. This gave him birth in a royal & aristocratic family. Affliction of both the luminaries by nodes made him a victim of many ups & downs. Moon associated with and ahead of Rahu longitudinally gives Mahashakti yoga. He was MLA of MP from 1954 to 1985, during which he was chief minister of MP three times. His best period was during Rahu dasha (1975-1993) during which he was chief minister of MP, Governor of Punjab and union cabinet minister. He was cabinet minister under Narsimha Rao and under Manmohan Singh till 2009, during dasha of Jupiter.

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