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Astrological Musing’s for October New Moon ~ November Solar Eclipse By: Jessica Bourque

I apologize for my pause on the Lunar Forecast!  I have spent the past couple of a weeks beneath the watery depths of an enormous wave within this great sea of life, seeking the treasures in the dark domain of the vast unknown, now coming up for air, I am certain there is much more to be discovered.  I am off for Brazil in a couple of hours, where I know awaits some lost pieces of the puzzle, along with a mystery I may never understand…such is life. 

This forecast here is not the Lunar Forecast. It is just an overall of what I’m feeling this time to be about. I am planning to start back up consistently again with the Lunar Forecast after I return mid-November.  Thank you to everyone who was inquiring about the Lunar forecast and supporting it coming up!  So much appreciation for all of our connection!  with love, Jessica 

This past New Moon in Libra 2 weeks ago was escorted in by Uranus – the Change maker.  Many are still wiping the dust out of their eyes, trying to regain some clarity of what on Earth is going on here! Many found themselves spun around in a completely opposite direction to where they thought they were going.  All new ways of feeling, seeing, and being came in, and along with that, the necessity to let go of prior plans and intentions that no longer have a place in the current picture.  We are recreating our lives to meet with the current needs and intentions of a Life plan that is larger than we are capable of knowing in this moment.  In this process, much of what we have held on to and know as familiar is simply falling away as no longer useful, necessary, or needed.  We are having to adapt and adjust at a rate way faster than any of us have ever experienced, and few are actually feeling totally prepared for.  However, this is the point – we are in preparation. We have gone through much initiation, we have shown that we are willing and able to work for our freedom and our Peace, and now as we go through this concluding stage before the opening (Eclipse November 13th) we have this final time to work on relating; to learn through the process of relationship, to purge through the process of relationship.  We are each other’s keepers, and we are here to guide, assist, and honor each other through this major transitional stage.   Letting go, letting go, letting go… is the mantra.  And, the practice is welcoming in what has now come into awareness, and breathing into comfortably adapting to a whole new way of living.  There is great joy, happiness, and freedom within – ready for more of the breath of life to come into and feed the flourishing, abundant nature of that way of being.  Breathe this in…and exhale this out.

This 4-week lunar cycle, which began 2 weeks ago on the New Moon in Libra, leads up to the grand opening of a Total Solar Eclipse on the November 13th New Moon.  And as many are aware, the following month holds the infamous date of the end of the Mayan Calendar – December 21st, which is understood by many to be “The Beginning” of a new phase of existence.  The birthing of new ways of existing has been powerfully moving in for quite some time now, and many are completely aware of this powerful presence upon us. We are in preparation.

Uranus and Saturn are both particularly strong components in this phase as they are working their ways through us.  Uranus is the breakdown of the old and outdated, and Saturn is restructuring, rebuilding and reestablishing the new order, new form, and new boundaries of consciousness.   It is a very personal process under inspection these days. With this past New Moon in Libra, the Sun moving out of Libra on October 22 and into Scorpio, and Saturn in Scorpio, we see the main emphasis being on Relationship.

On October 22, the Sun moved out of Libra and entered Scorpio for the next solar month.  The emphasis is on illuminating the dark shadow side, and bringing on the truth.  During Libra, the Sun worked to shed light upon our mental perspectives, and gave support to navigating through all the various ways of perceiving reality.  There is a great diversity of perspective, and all our realities are colored by this varying degree. To accept this and flow with it is so essential in attempting to be in harmonious relationships. With the Sun in Scorpio traveling along with Saturn on October 25th. we find ourselves in the presence of the drill sergeants here to bring truth in to order through the discipline of facing your fear, facing your weakness, facing your limitation and allowing that to fuel your determination for change and progress toward the direction of your dreams.  Make some commitments, decisions and resolutions towards creating your heart’s desire.  Also during the week prior to the Full Moon, the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune and later Chiron.  Here we feel vulnerable, sensitive, open, impressionable, merged, and effected by subtle energies and feelings.  We can hear the messages and see the signs, if we only stop to listen and to look.  

This Full Moon in Taurus is about finding the balance between your truth and personal values, and those outside of you; creating stability within your own self by being true to yourself and offering that out to your relationships.  We are all facing ourselves and each other. We are all experiencing a very intense process of discovery, and we are all letting go of a tremendous amount of that which has been defining our personal and collective lives.

The New Moon Full Solar Eclipse on November 13th in Scorpio is an opening.  It is a moment in time that is already affecting us, as we are being pulled closer in to the exact time of the aspect, and that will last for days following.  However, the events that occur or are occurring around this time have a powerful affect upon our entire destiny.  The next three weeks are very much defining moments, and I believe many will look back and agree that the decisions that are being made now, the choices made, are one’s that are setting the stage for many of our most important life experiences, changes, developments, growths, and breakthrough; setting the stage for our future.

This time is crucial to be used as a period to really let go, release the old, and clear space for welcoming in more of what is true and necessary for your life and those in your life.

May we all have the support, guidance, courage, and desire to reach deep within to our most true and essential self, where we can feel our own love for ourselves, each other and Life.  And, then may we all walk in touch with this most creative and abundant source. 

Taurus and Scorpio are both very much about resources. When we look at the word RESOURCEFUL we see SOURCE- FULL. 

To be full of source is the message upon us now. 

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