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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2. Maha Yogas
2.1 Normally it is not easy to identify even a single Parivartan yoga in a chart. But before goinig into details of Parivartan yogas, let us discuss a unique case where the native had three Parivartan yogas in its chart.

The native had been the strongest and the most controversial Prime Minister of India. She saw many ups & down in her career and life. The lady had three set of Parivartan Yogas in her chart. The lagna lord exchanged with 7th lord Saturn (which was 8th lord as well). The second was between 2nd lord Sun and 5th lord Mars (which was yogkaraka and 10th lord as well). The third exchange was between 6th lord (also 9th lord) and 11th lord Venus (also 4th lord). The native also had Mahabhagya yoga as she was born in night time and her lagna, Moon and Sun were all in even sign. All these yogas made her very powerful and rich. She had an aristocratic background as she was the only child of India’s first Prime Minister, J.L. Nehru. However in her personal life she had been very unhappy (4th lord Venus in 6th in Rahu-Ketu axis). She became widow early (8th lord Saturn in lagna aspecting 7th) and lost her younger son in an air accident.

2.2 Devendra Yogaa: If in a chart, lagna is in fixed sign and there are two powerful Parivartan yogas- Lord of lagna & 11th house and 2nd & 10th lords, Devendra yoga is caused. This yoga confers on the native sterling character, kingly status, handsome appearance, commander of armies and good longevity.

2.3 Exchange of lagna lords with lords of other benefic houses

i) With 2nd lord: The lagna denotes self, personality & general nature and the 2nd house denotes wealth, speech & worldly attainments. The exchange produces excellent lawyers, bankers, and sock/ share dealers. It makes one intelligent, wealthy, of good conduct, virtuous, and magnanimous. If strong 6th/9th lord joins in, or aspects one could be a good lawyer/ judge.

The native has Vargottam Libra lagna in Nakshtra of 2-7th lord Mars posited in lagna in identical degrees as lagna. His lagna lord Venus is in 2nd house (with 10th lord Moon) in Parivartan yoga with Mars. Yogakaraka Saturn aspects lagna and 3-6th lord exalted Jupiter aspects 2nd house. This made him a leading legal luminary of the country. Strong Sun & Mercury made him an ambassador to USA.

ii) With 4th lord: It is an exchange of two Kendra lords giving good results. The native will be long lived, fond of mother, or gains happiness from mother, and acquires properties & conveyance. Since Lagna is 10th from 4th house, one will have comforts & luxuries by way of inheritance/ legacy. One will be intelligent, learned, wealthy, generous, and philanthropic.

The native was the King of (erstwhile) Mysorer and perhaps the ideal ruler of his time. A powerful, Dig Bali & exalted Jupiter (causing Hamsa Mahapurush yoga) is associated with 4th lord Venus in fruitful Cancer lagna. This Venus is having exchange with lagna lord Moon, both in identical degrees. The Jupiter and Moon also forms powerful Gajkesari yoga. These are powerful Rajyoga & Dhanyoga. Conjunction of 2nd lord Sun & 10th lord Saturn in 11th house, aspected by Rahu, caused his father to die, while he was young, during Saturn-Rahu dasha in 1994. The Moon was ahead of Rahu causing Mahashakti yoga. He was corneted in 1902 during Rahu-Moon dasha. The Saturn aspecting Jupiter in lagna, made the native religious, progressive, popular and in full sympathy with public & social causes.

iii) With 5th Lord: It is very good yoga as the exchange is between a Kendra & a Trikone in 5-9 axis. Our present life (1st house) gets linked with Poorva Janam Karmas (5th house). The native born with this exchange is intelligent, learned, multi-faced scholar, famous and a creative genius.

For illustration, please refer to chart No. 101 of Rabindra Nath Tagore.

iv) With 7th Lord: The Lagna and 7th house are complementary and opposite to each other. It would indicate a person full of contradictions. He may love his spouse too much at one time, and dump the same at another time for trivial reasons. As per Nadi Shastra, the native is very self-centered. One has an abnormal & excessive self-love. One may be licentious or lustfully inclined, but one’s family life will not be happy.

For illustration, please refer, Chart No. 104 of Indira Gandhi.

v) With 9th Lord: It is a very auspicious exchange and causes a Rajyoga. It makes native fortunate, wealthy, noble, virtuous, religious, charitable, learned and popular. One is self-made, gets royal honour, owns as well as gets paternal property, lives in foreign or faraway place from home, and is independent by nature. If associated with Rahu, it denotes service on deputation or under foreign government.
The native has 9th lord Sun in exchange with lagna lord Jupiter associated with 5th lord Mars. Thus all the three Trikone houses gets inter linked. The native cleared his IAS during dasha of Mars and his career spanned up to 1991 as cabinet secretary. In 1991 he was appointed as Chief Election Commissioner. He gave a new dimension to hitherto the unknown & ceremonial post. For his outstanding services he was awarded Magasay award in 1996. He has been very disciplined, honest, learned, virtuous, and religious scholar with a very independent nature.

vi) With 10th Lord: The exchange of lords of two of the most important houses in any chart, gives strength to significations of both the houses. The native will be wealthy, renowned, self-made and a popular mass leader. One will have self-generated and independent profession with plenty of gains and owner of many vehicles. If either of the lord is Neech-Bhang, the native is born in a poor family, but rises by self-efforts.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 39 of Mao Tse Tung.

vii) With 11th Lord: This is an exchange between lords of Self and of the gains & profits. The two lords are in 3-11 position to give good results. If the two lords are unafflicted and are mutual friends, it denotes long & happy life, all types of wealthy, earnings through own hard work & fair means. The native will be famous, charitable, scholar, doing virtuous deeds, having good friends and have patience & perseverance. The exchange denotes extraordinary good materialistic happiness & prosperity. However, if associated with debilitated or inimical planets, one may conspire against own brothers.

Lagna is Capricorn and Lagnesh Saturn is in exchange with 11th lord exalted Mars (Ruchika Yoga), who also happens to be Badhak-adhipati, owner of its negative sign, and aspecting its positive sign with exalted 8th lord Sun posited therein. This made the native extraordinary large-hearted, philanthropic, and strongly inclined towards research studies. Karaka for education Mercury is 9th lord in 5th house with exalted Moon in mutual aspect with Lagnesh Saturn. The Jupiter is 12th lord exalted in 7th house, aspecting Saturn and Mars. Shri Ravi Shankar Ji, through his Sadhna, discovered a unique technique of “Sudarshan Kriya”, a cleansing & rejuvenating process for the body, mind & soul. Mars is 4th lord in exaltation in lagna, so he is educating people in the knowledge gained from his deep Sadhna.

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