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Today's Astral Energy

The astrological read of TODAY'S ENERGY based on my analysis of MOON and THE MOVEMENTS/ANGLES of planets - October, 2 & 3, 12 - You would want to ACT but there will be the background of being cautious, mercurial and to withdraw. Do not get into a thinking/depressive mode. Those having bi polar tendency need to be careful. You will have to decide on issues with siblings and matters of work - postponement will not help. Also there will be finance pressures from family and perhaps you will have to DISSECT / CUT / SNAP things / privileges. You have been postponing and the wise thing will be to ACT with the choices you have warmly

Thought Of The Day - 02 /10 /12 - Spirituality - people say that ALL IS DESTINED. We have people arguing that working is or trying is of no use as all is written before. I also subscribe to the theory that our actions have a ripple effect and the theory of Karma does play its part. The world is a stage where we all pay a role. EVERYTHING IS RIGHT BUT GOD PUTS US ON THE WORLD STAGE DEPENDING UPON OUR PAST ACTIONS / WHATEVER - THE DIFFERENCE BEING THAT GOD GIVES US INTELLECT WHICH HAS ' HIS ' KNOWLEDGE - WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE AND ACT - THIS POWER TO CHOOSE AND DISCRIMINATE ARE THE DIFFERENTIATORS - THEY MAKE US TO ACT AND MAKE US THE MASTERS OF OUR DESTINY AT NAY GIVEN POINT. You write your script of your life - be sure - do not say everything is destined - there is difference and you write your script with each choice and action on the world stage where you have been placed.

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