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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Preface

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Astrology and the yoga’s formed by planets and other integrated factors are an important aspect in predictive astrology. Yoga means joining. This is what is depicted by planets in the chart by there conjunction, aspect, placement and relationship with other astrological parameters.

Yoga’s are important and perhaps the most misinterpreted aspect while an astrologer reads the chart. A large number of yoga’s are outlined in every horoscope. They all depict great results but when it does not happen there is criticism and queries.

Through this book we have commenced by defining yoga and also explaining the factors that determines the strength of the yoga. The strength of yoga is linked to the planets. We have dealt in details both the in evaluating the strength of the planets and factors that influence a yoga in making it weak or strong.

The book dwells into the types of yoga’s which are due to the placement of planets in signs (Nabhas Yogas) to those that arise due to conjunction of planets – the Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas and other special yoga’s. It has been kept in mind to explain the important yoga’s and this  has been done by illustrations at each point.

Also important yoga’s related with Sun and Moon have been explained. Yoga’s arising because of the involvement of Trikona houses and Parivartan or yoga’s due to exchange of planets have been dwelled in separate chapters. Simultaneously the book illustrates the yoga’s which give intelligence, marriage & progeny, health, longevity. Also the yoga’s causing penury has been explained along with the other aspects of life that are relevant and matter of concern to an individual.

This book is a result of experience and research of a group and thus has dealt with this subject in a scientific manner. Importance has been given in each chapter to explain the yoga’s in the right perspective.

We have dealt with the importance of understanding the strength, the period of operation of yoga and the factors that can countervail the impact. From our research we have seen that the position and degrees of the planets are important which have been mentioned and explained.

The book in each chapter of yoga’s gives illustrations. It explains the importance of strength and the time of there fructification. Each yoga has a different impact in various areas of life and that has been dwelled in details.

The analysis of yoga’s is important to evaluate the foundation of the horoscope in various life segments. The strength and time of there giving results has been explained in details. This book will be a treasure for those who are studying astrology. This book I would suggest is a Must for the students of astrology.

I must end thinking my father Late K.C.Saksena, who is my inspiration and a devoted astrologer and Bake Bihari of Vrindavan.

New Delhi  
                                                                                                           Shanker Adawal

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