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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 78


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Longevity & Death

If lord of 8th or Saturn occupies Dusthana (6 or 8 or 12) short life is indicated.

If, the lord of 8th or Saturn or both are united with lord of Ascendant (who is a benefic) or lord of 8th or Saturn is placed in quadrant of such lord of Ascendant, and depending upon the strength enjoyed by the planets under this yoga, full span of life is indicated. If the planets possess only Moderate strength, Madhya ayush is indicated. (Madhya ayush-60 years).

If lords of Ascendant and 8th are united or are strongly connected, death will occur due to upset of the three humours (as understood in Hindu Shastras). The cause for which has to be decided from the planets involved.

If lord of Ascendant and 8th are in the trines or 11th of Saturn and Moon, long life would result. Madhya ayush would result if lord of Ascendant and 8th are placed in places other than trines or 11th from Saturn or Moon.

If lords of Ascendant, 8th and 10th (who are Not conjunct or otherwise aspected by Saturn) are placed in signs owned by benefic, long life would result. If these planets have kshetra bala, strength due to stay in exaltation or Moolatrikona or own house; and happen to be benefic, the native will breath his last without any sufferings. Time of death is to be decided from the planets; concerned on the basis of Sun-daytime, Moon-night time etc. Place of Death or the cremation ground is to be determine from the nature of the planets and signs occupied by them. The disease which precedes or causes death occurs in the organ corresponding to the sign from Ascendant (see divisions of body amongst the 12 signs) which is occupied by a Malefic or the strongest Malefic. Primarily the planet in 8th from Moon or Asendant will indicate this.

In this context:

Sun- indicates cause of death as high fever.

Moon- indicates cause of death as anaemia or T.B.

Mars- indicates cause of death as Cancerous tumours or through instruments or implements.

Mercury- indicates cause of death as throat diseases or poison.

Jupiter- indicates cause of death as indigestion or cough.

Venus- indicates cause of death as diabetes.

Saturn- indicates cause of death as windy diseases or rheumatism.

Rahu or Ketu- indicates cause of death as upset of the 3 humours.

The Major period running at the time of death should also be given importance, and considered in finding the sort of death the native will meet with. If in the horoscope, Saturn and Rahu are strong, death by accident has to be considered. The sign or house occupied by Rahu and Saturn together with their significations will decide the sort of accident he will meet with.

Long life

Y-1- If lord of 8th is exalted, in own house or or trine with conjunction or aspect of a benefic or posted in a benefic sign, the native will enjoy long life.

Y-2- Even if lord of 8th is in dusthana (6 or 8 or 12) with a malefic, if Saturn is powerful enough, the native will enjoy long life.

Y-3- If lord of 8th and Saturn are both strong in the horoscope and if both are conjunct with a Malefic, whilst long life is assured for the native, he will be undergoing various adversities.

Y-4- If lord of 8th is exalted whilst Saturn is conjunct with a benefic, and is fairly strong, long life is assured.

Y-5a- If lords of 1st and 8th conjointly placed in 6th or 12th house or

Y-5b- lords of 6th and 12th conjointly placed in 1st or 8th house long life is indicated.

Y-6- Lords of 10th, 1st, and 8th house (individually or severally) stand in 11th house or quadrant or trine indicates long life depending on the strength enjoyed by Saturn in the horoscope.

Y-7- If benefic are placed in quadrant or trine or own house, whilst lord of 8th is in 8th and lord of 1st is in Ascendant, long life and full prosperity are assured.


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