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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 106


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Knowledge & respect

Y-1- The native will possess Gyana (knowledge), respect and wealth if Jupiter is in 10th along with Venus whilst lord of Ascendant is powerful and Saturn exalted.

Professional success

Y-2- Lord of 10th in 11th, along with lord of Ascendant aspected by Mars indicates that the native will enjoy a large measure of success professionally.


Y-3- The native will be following the traditions of his family and will increase the reputation of his family if lord of 10th is in quadrant or trine, with Jupiter in trine thereto, whilst dispositor of Jupiter is in Ascendant.

Follows family traditions

Y-4- The native will be charitably inclined and follow his family traditions if both lords of 10 and Ascendant stand in Ascendant, with Moon in quadrant or trine.

Ill-gotten wealth

Y-5- Exchange of signs between lords of 8th & 10th indicates that the native will be living on ill-gotten wealth.

Professional reverses

Y-6- Weak lord of 10th in 10th with a malefic denotes professional reverses or failures.

Sicere in profession

Y-7- A native will be sincere in his profession and be engaged in more than one profession if lord of 11th is in 10th, whilst lord of 10th is fairly strong conjunct or aspected by lord of Ascendant.


P- From the planet posited in 10th, ascertain the virtuous or sinful deeds of the native. Planet in 11th indicates the virtuous or sinful deeds performed in his family. Planet in 12th indicates the inclination to commit sin, troubling or satisfying others.

Note: Consider all planets in various houses, treating 10th as Ascendant for this purpose.

Decent or indecent profession

Y-8a- A strong benefic in 10th of Ascendant or Moon or Sun indicates that the native will be engaged in decent profession;

Y-8b- A malefic instead denotes cruel or indecent professions considered below dignity.

Professional earnings

P- In the absence of planets in 10th house, look to the 10th lord, the type of sign, he is placed in and where his navamsa has fallen and the lord of such navamsa, the strongest amongst these will indicate the profession of the native and the channel of his income or earnings.

Other yogas – Bondage

Y-1- A native will suffer bondage or imprisonment in his life time of Rahu is in 10th, dispositor thereof in 12th whilst the lord of Ascendant is in Nigalamsa.

Sensual pleasures

Y-2- A native having lord of 10th in 7th in association with Saturn and Mars whilst lord of 7th is conjunct with a malefic will be more after eating and seeking sensual pleasures.


Y-3- A native having strong Ascendant, 10th house and powerful Moon will always be keeping his prestige at a good level.


Y-4- Lords of 9th and 10th house conjointly placed in 12th house along with a malefic, denotes poor longevity.


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