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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 107


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Reputation and learning

Y-5a- If lords of 9th & 10th are placed together, in the major period of one and the sub period of the other or vice versa there will be reputation and learning;

Y-5b- If there is malefic conjunction or aspect, loss of reputation and impediments in learning will occur.

Dutiful Son

Y-6- If the 10th house is strong, conjunct or aspected by lord of Ascendant, the native will be doing good to his father.

Raja Yoga

Y-1- If lords of 9th & 10th are not subject to malefic connections and are strong whilst lord of Ascendant is strong and is posited in Ascendant or placed with Moon, Raja Yoga arises.

Y-2- Whilst the lords of 9th & 10th are strong, if a number of planets are exalted and the latter stand in quadrants of Ascendant or in Ascendant itself, Raja Yoga arises.


Y-1- Sun in 10th house is associated with Mars and Rahu aspected by Saturn indicates that the native will be punished by King or Govt.

Y-2- A native having weak Saturn in Ascendant, 8th lord in conjunction of a malefic in 10th house, whilst dispositor of 8th lord is conjunct with another malefic will suffer the maximum punishment at the hands of the Government resulting in his execution.

Planets and 10th House

The following are the effects produced by planets placed in the 10th House:

Sun- Various kinds of enjoyments and happiness; charitable; self-respect; does not eat much but likes sweet and good stuff; taste for music; in good books of big wigs; renouncing spirit.

Moon- Very wealthy; praiseworthy habits; calm disposition; sons and grand children; full family enjoyments; bronchial disorders; lean body; kind hearted; without a fixed profession.

Mars- Success in encounters; owns landed property; suffers from stomach disorders; devotion; easily angered; self respect.

Mercury- Respects elders and preceptor; very wealthy; self-earned wealth; speaks little.

Jupiter- Possesses conveyance, gold and studded ornaments; picturesque house; righteous; learned.

Venus- Full-fledged family; permanent prosperity; well dressed & good looking; in good books of big wigs; broad-Minded.

Saturn- If Saturn is powerful: Very wealthy; servants; does good to menials; quick in picking-up or grasping; powerful influence in higher circles; good Mannered; enjoys happiness.

Rahu- Passionate & erratic; greedy over others wealth; sinful; poverty; changes in environments; undesirable habits.

Ketu- Knowledge of Shastras; good heart; wealth; enjoyments; undesirable habits; calm disposition.

If the Tenth bhava and its lord are good, good karma follows.

When the 10th house is occupied by benefic or aspected by them it is good, if otherwise it is bad or weak.

Sun- Sun is also a factor in promoting a man’s karma because he indicates progress in one’s career, supremacy, administrative distinction etc. So, we must discuss how and when Sun helps rise a native.

1. When strong Sun aspected by a benefic occupies the 10th house he paves the way for even a poor man or a man who comes of very low social status to affluence and prosperity in life. Even a fourth grade servant of an Institution rises to a very high position on account of powerful Sun. Some eminent astrologers are of opinion that as an indicator of karma-bhava Sun’s presence in the bhagyasthan (9th place) will act adversely, if the planet is not aspected by or associated with a benefic planet.

In case of Sagittarius ascendant and Scorpio ascendant Sun will react favourably, if he is in the 10th house. For Sagittarius ascendant Sun being the 9th lord is very favourable in the 10th house, it is Kshetra Simhasana yoga and in case of Scorpio ascendant, Sun himself is the lord of the 10th house.

2. A weak Sun when aspected by or is in conjunction with malefic (or when he occupies any dusthana) gives unfavourable result and the subjects has to cross many hurdles on his way to progress. Sometimes the native’s strenuous efforts to ward off those obstacles do not yield satisfactory result.

3. When Sun is associated with Saturn or both the planets oppose each other (i.e. one of them is in the 7th house from the other) even the best Raja yogas (very favourable yogas) do not give satisfactory result.

4. When Sun and Saturn are situated within 7 ½ degrees from each other even the most favourable yogas become less effective or we may say, in spite of hest Raja yogas the subject can not thrive well.

Note: If there are benefic in the tenth house and if the lord of this house occupies an exaltation or own sign in a quadrant or a trine, the native will be bright and honourable. He will have a good reputation and will be charitable. He will have also governmental favours and a long life. If the Lord of the Ascendant occupies the Tenth House, similar effects will be produced. If the Sun is in the Tenth, the native will be liked by all; if Mars is there, he will be capable of bringing all the difficult undertakings to a success; if benefic are there, he will do good things and will be in the good books of the superiors; and if Saturn or a Dragon is there, he will do evil things.


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