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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 80


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Death of Father When?

Find out the planet or planets posted in conjunction with the lord of 5th and add up their major period years (Vimsottari Maha Dasa years).

If there is only one planet in conjunction with lord of 5th, then, only his major period years alone are considered. Divide the above major period years by 12; the balance counted from Aries indicates the sign, through which when Sun transit, the death of father will occur in that month.

If lord of 5th is posted alone, then only his major period years are considered i.e., the major period year of lord of 5th will be divided by 12; the balance left over indicating the month of death.

Now, we proceed to determine the date on which death will occur in the month already indicated as follows:

Find out the planet(s) placed in conjunction with the lord of Ascendant and add up their major period years and divide by 30; the balance counted from the date on which Sun entered the sign indicated above (Sanhramana) will give the date of death. Where lord of Ascendant is placed alone, (un-conjunct), the major period years of lord of 5th is again taken into consideration and divided by 30, the balance counted from the date of entry of Sun into the sign first indicated, gives the date of death. In other words, where both the lord of 5th and lord of Ascendant are placed alone in a horoscope, the major period years of lord of 5th is divided by 12, to find out the month and divided by 30 to find out the date.

Cause of death

The 22nd drekkana is highly inauspicious and denotes all about death of a native, from it, its lord, planet in conjunction with or aspecting such lord, the dispositor (by sign) of the lord of the 22nd drekkana cause of death of a native, can be determined.

The strongest of the above or Saturn will be the, one causing death.

P-Benefic in 8th cause death, whilst malefic in 8th with or without malefic aspect indicate that the native’s means of livelihood will be through evil means.

Accidental death-

Y-1- A malefic in 6th kalaha sthana – (house of enemies) indicates that the native will be highly quarrelsome; if dispositor thereof is in “Varga Sandhi” (in between signs or other classifications), accidental death is indicated.


Y-1- The type of death or diseases which cause are to be determined from the lord of 22nd drekkana, the sign he is posited in and any planets in association with.

Death of relatives-

Y-1- Whilst the death and manner of death are determined with reference to the 8th from Ascendant, for the native.

Similarly the 8th house counted from the house of father (9th)

Similarly the 8th house counted from the house of Mother (4th)

Similarly the 8th house counted from the house of brother (3rd)

Similarly the 8th house counted from the house of wife (7th)

Indicates the death of father or Mother or brothers or wife respectively. In the same manner as the 22nd drekkana has been determined for the native, the 22nd drekkana should be determined for the concerned relatives from the drekkana in which the centre of the house falls. In determining the cause of death of relatives follow the instructions given in earlier.

Long life-Father-

Y- If benefic stand in both 4th and 9th, father of the native will be long lived.


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