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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 84


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Rahu in the 8th House

Rahu represents litigation, corruption, thieves, serpents, duplicity, quarrelsome habit etc.

Rahu-Sickly; death by snake-bite; evil-minded; likes company of low class people but rich.

When Rahu is posited, in the 8th house the native becomes dishonest, mean, degraded and quarrelsome. Rahu in the 8th house gives the native ample opportunities to earn money through dishonest method, he is unscrupulous and does not hesitate to cheat his friends and near and dear ones.

Rahu along with weak Moon when seated in the 8th house brings about premature death of the life partner. In the birth chart of a woman this yoga is very unfavourable and the lady may lose her husband at her early age.

Death is possible due to snakebite if Rahu in conjunction with Mars occupies the 8th house. Combination of these two planets may also cause death by poison.

The native himself may be responsible for loss of domestic peace in whose horoscope Rahu is situated in the 8th house but if Rahu is favoured by a benefic the unfavourable result may to some extent be mitigated.

Ketu in the 8th House

Ketu signifies quarrels, selfishness, secret intrigues and company, backbiting, vicious tendencies, mendicancy, resignation and surrender to God and salvation.

Ketu-Speaks ill of Lord, preceptor and even his parents; stealing habit: evil-minded.

Ketu in the 8th house does not give domestic peace, he is the cause of unfriendly relation or quarrel with relatives. If the planet is situated in the 8th house and Mars also is there the native may suffer from piles, hernia, or any other secret disease. In the horoscope of a female the native may be a widow early in life if Ketu is in the 8th place from Ascendant. In case the planet is conjoined with or aspected by a powerful benefic the evil result as said above may seldom be expected.

Ketu in the 8th place indicates disappointment, shift from one place to another, and struggle in life.

Yogas denoting full span of life

The following 26 slokas indicates Longevity, the presence of anyone of which ensures full span of life for the native, in spite of other malefic yogas or features operating on the horoscope. These are said to be based on the opinions of sages of Kerala.

y-1- If the lord of Ascendant is conjunct or aspected by a benefic, whilst the sign occupied by lord of Ascendant happens to be exaltation, Mooltrikona, own house or friendly house, the native will enjoy long life.

Y-2- If the lord of Ascendant is strong and is posited in a quadrant, whilst both the lords of Ascendant and 8th are standing on larger number of benefic Vargas the native will enjoy long life.

Y-3- Longevity is certain, if Rahu or Ketu is standing in Aries, Scorpio or Cancer, whilst Ketu is standing on larger number of benefic Vargas.

Y-4- If the lord of Ascendant is standing in 5th or 9th house, conjunct or aspected by a benefic the native will enjoy long life.

Y-5- Malefic in both 3rd and 6th from Ascendant, whilst the lord of Ascendant is also standing in 6th, subject to the condition, that the malefic in 6th is friendly to lord of Ascendant, the native will enjoy long life.

Y-6- Powerful Sun in 11th, Jupiter in 6, 8 or 12th house, whilst Saturn is posited in a Jupiter sign, indicates long life.

Y-7- Birth in day time, Jupiter in own house, whilst both Sun and lord of Ascendant are standing conjointly in quadrants, the native will enjoy long life, subject to the condition that Rahu or Ketu are not connected with Sun or lord of Ascendant.

Y-8- Long life is indicated, if Jupiter in the horoscope has a benefic aspect, whilst Saturn is in a trine and waxing Moon is posited in houses, other than 6, 8 or 12th.


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