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Death – When and How

In the case of people with middle longevity, death occurs in the main period of Pratyaritara i.e., lord of the 5, 14, 23 asterism from that occupied by Moon.

For people born in a yoga conferring long life the main period of Vadhatara i.e. lord of the 7, 16, 25 asterism from that occupied by Moon may ends the life.

Thus death should be predicted after determining the type of longevity short, middle or long.

If both the lords of the 1st and the 8th houses are weak & are influenced by Mars & the lord of the 6th house, the native dies in battle field or by weapons.

If the lords of the 8th and the 1st house are located in the 6th house along with Rahu, Ketu & Saturn, then in the main ruling period of the lord of the 8th & the sub-period of the lord of 1st or vice versa death of the native takes place through thieves or weapons.

If the lords of the 1st and 8th houses are located with the lord of the 4th house, death of the native is caused by a conveyance.

If the two are with Jupiter death is through loss of appetite. Death also takes place through loss of appetite, if the lord of the 1st house & Jupiter are located in the 6th house.

If the lord of 1st, 4th houses and Jupiter are together, death takes place through loss of appetite. If the lords of the 1st, 4th & the 2nd houses are together then also death takes place through loss of appetite.

If the lord of the 8th house instead of the lord of the 1st house constitutes the yoga death of father etc takes place in the main or subruling periods of the lord of 8th from the house involved.

If the lords of the 1st and the 2nd houses are located with Saturn, death takes place by consumption of poison. If the two i.e., the lords of the 1st and 2nd house are with Rahu or Ketu & located in 6th, 8th or 12th house the man dies by being hanged.

If the Lord of the 6th house is located with Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, the native dies at the hands of some wild animal. If the lord of 6th is with Jupiter the death is through an elephant. If it is with Moon it is caused by some horse.

If the lord of the 6th house & Saturn are located with the Sun, the death of the native takes place through the horns of an animal. If the lord of the 6th & Saturn are with Mars the fear of death is from a dog. The location of Saturn in the 6th house in signs other than its exaltation sign, or its own sign and without the company of a benefic also leads to fear of death through a dog.

If the lords of the 4th house and the 9th house, together with the lord of the 1st house are all located in angles or trine houses, then during the sub or main period of the lord of the 4th house, death of father takes place soon followed by that of the mother.

If Moon is located in the 8th house along with Rahu and Saturn & is weak in Pakshbala i.e. it is located within 72 degrees from the Sun, the native suffers from epilepsy. Moon in such a condition also gives trouble from the souls of the dead and from water.

If a weak Moon is located in the 8th house with Mars, Rahu & Saturn, even then the result stated above will follow. If these are located in any other bad house i.e.,6th or 12th, then the man dies of epilepsy or of trouble from the souls of the dead.

If Moon is in 4th with Rahu or Ketu the native suffers from intermittent fever of 4 days interval. If Moon & Rahu are with the lord of the 8th house located in malefic Sastiamsa the result is the same.

If Sun is in 6th or 8th house in its sign of debilitation and aspected by malefic the man dies as a result of punishment by government and so does his father. He also suffers financial loss as a result of the said punishment.

If the 9th or 10th house from the 1st is occupied by Mars and aspected by malefic, the yoga indicates death of the brother of the mother. If such a Mars is with Saturn it indicates death of the Son. If the said Mars is with Moon & malefic, the death of the mother will takes place.

If Sun is with Mars in the 9th or 10th house, and is aspected by a malefic, there is early death of father. If both the Ascendant and Moon are afflicted by two malefic the native meets his death in early childhood.

If at the time of birth the Moon is eclipsed or is with “Parivesh” & is aspected by malefic, it gives sudden death. If the asterisms Citra, Uttaraphalguni, or Purvasadha are located in the Ascendant degree or in the degree occupied by Moon and the Moon is eclipsed or under Parivesh, it is dangerous to the life of mother, the son & the maternal uncles.

Note: Parivesha is one of the nine “Upgrahas” viz (1) Kala (2) Parivesh. (or Paridhi), (3) Dhoom, (4) Ardhyam, (o4 Ardhprahara), (5) Yamghantika, (or Yam kantak). (6) Indrachaap, (7) Gulika or Mandi, (8) Yatipatak, (or Vyatipata). (9) (Upketu).

They are killed by kicking. There is no defect if there is the conjunction or aspect of benefic.


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