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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 108


Dr. Shanker Adawal


The native’s profession will be on the lines indicated by the planet in the tenth house from the Ascendant, the Moon or the Sun. If there are planets in all the three places, the strongest of them should be taken. If there are no planets in the tenth, the lord of the sign in the Navamsa Chart occupied by the lord of the tenth house, will indicate the nature of the native’s profession. The Ascendant signifies the nature and aptitude of the native and the influence on the ascendant will have also to be taken into consideration in determining the nature of profession. The most powerful planet in the horoscope will also exert its influence on the nature of the profession. The following are the effects of the planets influencing the Profession.

The Sun: Professions connected with medicine, water, police, executive work, travelling agency, judge, magician, gambling, Forest Department, managerial work and if aspected by a well-placed Saturn, service in State or Civil Service.

The Moon: This planet signifies prosperous merchants or manufacturers. If she has malefic aspects the native should not start business but should be contented with a Profession.

Profession connected with lands, water, pearls, salt and Customs Department or Fisheries Department, tillers of the soil, washer men, sailors, hotel-keepers, travelers and public at large may also be predicted.

Mars: Livelihood by uttering falsehoods and settling dispute (lawyers), soldiers, mechanical engineers, doctors, Agricultural Department, butchers, carpenters, cooks, photographers, dentists and such work as related to fire and tools.

Mercury: Writers, accountants, authors, teachers, book sellers and stationers, astrologers, magicians, merchants, messengers, secretaries and post-men are produced by this planet.

Jupiter: This planet causes Profession as preceptors, teachers, missionaries, lawyers, physicians, auditors, clothiers, grocers, councilors, judges and tobacconists. It also causes service in charitable institutions, Banks and in Income tax, Revenue and Treasury Departments.

Venus: Dealers in wine, dress, perfumery, confectioneries) flowers, scents and linen draperies, poets, artists, songsters, dramatists, trade in gold and stones, cars and horses, Building Engineering Department, and weavers are all ruled by this planet.

Saturn: Labourers, coal merchants, dealers in land and property, plumbers, trade in iron-ware, sesame oil and wood, carpenters, menial works, printers, fancy-goods dealers, and miners are all produced by Saturn.

Rahu: Intelligent work if well-placed, erratic and cruel if ill-placed, research work if well-placed, and works spoiling others if ill-placed are caused by this planet.

Ketu: Snake charmers, sinful works, gathering of war materials, service in war if the lord of the sign occupied by Ketu is in a bad sign, and service in the Jail Department if well-placed are indicated by this planet.

The influence of the signs are as follows and they have also to be looked into:

Fiery signs: Soldiers, fire and hazardous works.

Earthy signs: Manual occupations.

Watery signs: Occupations connected with fluids like brewery, painting, shipping etc.

Airy signs: Intellectual and artistic works.

If Mars occupies a good place from the Sun or from the lord of the Tenth, there may be rapid advancement. If the lord of the Tenth is in the Sixth place there may be incessant transfers; if he is in the eighth there may be loss of profession and disgrace; if he is in the Twelfth there may be a change of profession; and if he is in the Third, the profession will not be permanent. If the lord of the Tenth or the Sun is afflicted by unfavourable Mars, the master and the employee will not agree and there will often be troubles.

The quarter in which there will be success may be found out from the direction attributed to the influencing planet or sign. Whether success will be in the native place, outside places or in both may be found out by the nature of the sign occupied by such a planet, that is fixed sign indicates native place, Movable sign outside place and common sign both.

The native may get government service if Mercury is in Ascendant while Jupiter is in the 9th. If the lord of Ascendant joins a quadrant and is aspected by the 2nd or 5th house there may be government service. If the lords of the first and tenth Houses are strong and if Saturn aspects at the same time the Tenth House or its lord, there may be government service. If the Sun ha the favourable aspect of Saturn from a good place there may be service in the government and this position denotes managers and persons having authority and power.


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