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Today's Astral Energy

The astrological read of TODAY'S ENERGY based on my analysis of MOON and THE MOVEMENTS/ANGLES of planets - August, 13, 12 - Moon with Venus and other aspects show - mind will be scattered - would want to do to many things - prone to take short cuts and in relationships it will be pronounced - the emotional part will be prime - elders & authority would be demanding attention - need to keep yourself grounded.

Thought Of The Day : The attachment to your job , more with the person you are in love than with the emotion of LOVE and to externals surely makes your BEING fluctuate as it is dependent on AN OBJECT . Some amount is must but draw a line where your stability of mind does not fluctuate because of FEAR / UNWANTED THOUGHTS / ATTACHMENT TO A FALSE ILLUSION. Situations when they arise should be dealt and no imagined. I DO THIS SO I WRITE -

Shanker Adawal

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