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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 33


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Pure Sagittarius Native

He is not only intelligent but intellectual. His mind interests itself in deeper profundities than does that of the Gemini person. His tendency to constant movement urges him to take many journeys. He, like the arrow, must be free to find a mark. He wants to go far to explore, both physically and mentally. He loves all sport and games, and especially if in the greater freedom of the out-of-doors. In the earlier days of astrology, he was always connected with the horse. The Archer is often depicted as having the body of a horse. Undoubtedly he is often the “horse man” type or the man who loves to ride freely across wide spaces of country.

In love he is difficult to understand. The Fire side of him is ardent and enthusiastic, but he is Mutable, and can change, and above all he wants to be free. He often puts off marriage till a late date. A wise partner will let him have “plenty of rein.”

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean an over-jovial, over-expansive type who becomes boisterous, slangy, sporty, and whose insistence on freedom means that he must be a law unto himself. The hell-for-leather type becomes too careless, too extravagant, and too extreme. Joking can become “horse-play.”

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused by Subjection to a life too sedentary or too narrow in activity and outlook. He will react by fits of temper or sulkiness.

As a child the Sagittarian will be alert, clever, good at games, lucky in most ways. Like a young colt, he must be taught to be controlled or he will get out of hand. Like all the Fire signs, he should be given the means of letting off his spirits and exuberance especially in out-of-doors activities.

Physical Characteristics

Usually tall, athletic looking. The Jupiter ruler-ship shows in a dignity of carriage, though the behaviour is often casual. There is often a high, dome-shaped forehead. The less developed and the young frequently adopt a free carelessness of dress. The tie flies out, the collar is soft and the corners are untidy. A lock of hair will drop over the face and be continuously flung back. With training, the true dignity of Jupiter arrives in middle age. The nervousness can result in restless manner and much talkativeness.


Nervous and respiratory complaints. Accidents. Psychological upsets. Mental overstrain. Liver troubles.

Way of living

The Sagittarian is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be expressed. He is therefore better when both body and mind have equal freedom for development. The natural fields for his mind are the profundities of the law, religion and philosophy. He is sufficiently versatile to study more than one of these, without neglecting the constant exercise without which he cannot feel healthy. If under-exercised, his liver suffers. Like Gemini, he is apt to have too many interests and to be very enthusiastic over each in turn.


Like his usual occupation, these should be both mental and physical. Games, spo0rt, walking, hiking, riding should be combined with going to lectures on the topic of interest, of the time and with study of a serious nature. Any form of travel is a relief and a pleasure.

Sagittarius Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Sun and Mars

Malefic- Venus is the highest Malefic, next is Mercury.

Saturn if conjunct with Sun and Mercury does not become a Maraka.

Venus and others, when they become Maraka inflict death.

Mercury conjunct with another malefic due to his lordship over quadrants, even if he becomes a Maraka does not inflict death.

Planets for Sagittarius Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

Sun- As lord of the best trine Sun is very nice planet. If strong it gives high class career, favour from Govt. and its officials and even ruling powers, if Sun is extra strong. If weak and afflicted it causes set back in career, disfavor of Government, loss to father etc.

Moon- As lord of 8th no blame attaches to Moon. Hence if Moon is strong there will be plenty of wealth, long life and mental place. If however Moon is weak there is short life, frequent foreign travels.

Mars- Mars gives very nice results financially as it is lord of the 5th house, where its Mooltrikona sign falls. If strong it indicates rise to progeny, gain of wealth, luck to father, gain by speculation. If Weak just the opposite.

Mercury- As lord of two angles if Mercury is located in second, 6th, 7th and 8th house it causes physical trouble during its major period and sub period, If strong it ensures favour from Govt. But should keep in mind also the nature of planets influencing Mercury. It would in the main major period give results accordingly.

Jupiter- A strong Jupiter gives much wealth, honour from public, comforts, peace of mind and wisdom as it is lord of Ascendant, where its Mooltrikona sign falls. If Jupiter is weak the native goes to exile; loses wealth and name and comforts.

Venus- As lord of two bad houses, Venus gives trouble through accident etc. If however, it is strong it ensures good gains.

Saturn- As lord of third house Saturn will not give good financial results.

Yogas for Sagittarius Ascendant

Y-1- Wealth and prosperity will be gained in Major period of Saturn, if Saturn is in 3rd of this Ascendant whilst Sun, Venus are placed in 6th.

Y-2- If Sun, Mars and Mercury are placed in Aquarius whilst Rahu is in Leo, the native will enjoy bath in Ganges in the Major period of the strongest planet from among the 4 planets named.

Sagittarius: Yogas from Bhavartha Ratnakar etc.

1. Saturn, when in Aries, confers prosperity during its dasa.

2. This is the only ascendant for which Saturn in 11th confers a yoga.

3. If Sun and Venus are in Leo with Saturn in Aquarius, the Saturn dasa will bring in fame and wealth.


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