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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Limited wealth

Y- If lord of 2nd is in extreme exaltation aspected by Jupiter, the native will earn a thousand Nishkas (gold coins in use in ancient India) & be valorous.

Un-limited wealth

Y- If lord of 2nd is on Iravatamsha whilst standing in own or friendly house in company of Venus or Mercury, whilst Jupiter is conjunct or aspected by lord of 11th or a benefic (without malefic aspect), the native will possess a thousand lakh of Nishkas.


Y- When the 2nd, the 11th and the 1st houses in his horoscope are occupied by their lords;

Y-2- When the lords of the 2nd and the 11th houses are in the 11th house and happen to be in own house, (Swakshetre), friendly house (Mithrakshetra) or in exaltation;

Y-3- When the lords of the 11th and the 2nd houses, being friendly planets, occupy the Ascendant and lastly.

Y-4- When the lord of the Ascendant is in it in conjunction with the lords of the 2nd and the 11th houses.

Y- Dasa-Note first the planet occupying the 2nd house;

Next the planet aspecting that house; thirdly,

The planet owning it.

E- During the dasas of these planets the person concerned will get wealth through a source indicated by the Varga attained by the Dhanakaraka.

Wealth and Reputation Y-1- Exchange of signs between lords of 2nd and 11th house and the planets concerned stand in friendly signs or the two lords stand in 2nd and 11th house respectively, with exaltation or in Moolatrikona-indicates that the native will earn much and have good reputation.

Very wealthy Y- If lords of 2nd and 11th conjoin in Ascendant, whilst they both happen to be mutual friends, the native will become very wealthy.

Wealth and Reputation Y-1- If lords of 11th and Ascendant together stand in Ascendant, much wealth and reputation are indicated.

Y-2- If they both are placed in 2nd or aspect the 2nd house, much wealth is indicated.

A treasure Y-1- When the lord of the Ascendant occupies the 2nd house in strength, the person born will possess a treasure.

Y-2- If the planet in question be weak and associated with a malefic planet, the person concerned will suffer, as a result of deception or deceit.

Wealth till death Y- When the 2nd house is occupied by many (benefic) planets and the Dhanakaraka is possessed of strength or occupies its exaltation, a friendly sign or its own house, the person born, say the astrologers, will be getting wealth till the moment of his death.

Wealth from Y-1- When the lord of the 2nd house is in the Ascendant associated with the lord of the 3rd, the person born will get wealth acquired by a brother.

Y-2- If the lord of the 4th house take the place of the lord of the 3rd house in the above, the person concerned will inherit properly from his mother.

Y-3- Generally wealth source has connection with that house/relative, whose lord occupies the Ascendant in conjunction with the lord of wealth.

Wealth w/o effort Y-1- When the lord of wealth occupies the Ascendant and the lord of that house occupies the 2nd, wealth comes to the person born without any effort at all.

Y-2- Whichever bhava the lords of the 1st and 2nd house may together occupy, it is through that house that acquisition of wealth on the part of men usually takes place.

Wealth effortlessly- Y- If the Lord of the second House together with a benefic planet is placed in dignity, in division charts like Paravatamsha etc, the native will get all kinds of wealth in his house effortlessly. When a planet in the Dashavarga charts, remains in six Vargas, in his own Varga, he will have the dignity named as `Paravat amsha’ in Divisional charts.

Magnanimous- Y-1- When the Moon occupying the 2nd bhava is aspected by Venus, the people born will be magnanimous.

Y-2- If Mercury in the 2nd bhava be aspected by a benefic planet, he will have, be it remembered, wealth at his command at all times.

Prosperity When Y-1- Note in what quarter the lord of the 2nd Bhava; it is in that quarter chiefly that men will find their prosperity during the dasa period of the lord of the 2nd Bhava; during this transit ordinarily the planet leads to the acquisition of wealth in the region indicated.

Y-2- If it be retrograde at the time of birth, there will be acquisition of every valuable thing in all quarters.

Wealthy and renowned. Y- If the lord of the 2nd bhava be in the 11th and the lord of the 11th be in the 2nd or the 11th, or if the lords of the 2nd and the 11th bhavas from the Ascendant occupy a Kendra, the person born will be wealthy and renowned.

Valuable property. Y- If the lord of the Ascendant occupy the 2nd house and the lord of the latter, i.e. 2nd house occupy the 11th or the lord of the 11th occupy the 1st, the person born will get treasure or other valuable property.

Lord of a millions Y- When the lords of the 1st, 11th, 2nd and the 9th houses have attained their highest exaltation Navamsa, or Vaiscshik amsa, the person born will be lord of a millions or crores.

Fame- Y-1- The native in whose birth chart, the Lord of the House of wealth (the 2nd House) is either in his own or in his exaltation sign will look after the people. He becomes famous and known as a benevolent person and well wisher of mankind.

Y-2- I the Lord of the House of Wealth (the 2nd House) in his sign of highest exaltation or is situated in his own house and is aspected by Jupiter, the native will be popular and famous.

Lump-sum gain Y- If benefic stands in 2nd, whilst lord of 2nd is in company of a benefic or aspected by benefic or the depositor of lord of 2nd is strong, the native will get lump-sum gains.

Financial gains- Y- In the Major period of lord of 2nd house who is standing in houses other than 6/8/12th house and such signs happen to be exaltation/own house/friendly house, there will be financial gains.


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