Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 42


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Children-Mixed Yogas

Y-1-If the Sun and the Moon are placed in the same sign and in the same Navamsa, then the native is brought up by three mothers or two fathers, mothers or two fathers.

N- Since the Moon is weak the mother may die within three months and the child is brought up by relatives and father.

Y-2- When the 5th House is occupied by strong Mercury, Jupiter and Venus and the 5th Lord is also endowed with strength, and aspects the 5th house, the combination will confer many children on the native.

Y-3-If the 5th Lord is together with the Moon and is also in the Decanate of the Moon, the learned opines that the native will beget only daughters.

Y-4a- If the 5th Lord is in a moveable sign and is in conjunction with the Moon and Rahu and Saturn is placed in the 5th House, the native should be spoken of as born Parajata (begot by other then the father).

N: Other combinations with similar results:

Y-4b- If the Moon and the Ascendant do not have the aspect of Jupiter, the native is Parajata or begot by other than the father.

Y-4c- Should the luminaries be in the company of malefic and have the aspect of Jupiter then also the same result prevails.

Y-4d- Jupiter and the Moon in mutual Vargas or luminaries in exchange nullify these yogas.

Y-5- Should the Moon be placed in the 8th House from the Ascendant and Jupiter is situated in the 8th House from the Moon and these (the Moon and Jupiter) are together with or are aspected by malefic planets, the native is undoubtedly born as `Parajata’.

N: Such Yogas do get cancelled.

1. If Kendra has a planet or benefic aspect Lagna or

2. The Moon or the Ascendant Lord is in the Ascendant, or

3. Jupiter is in the 4th House or Mars aspects Jupiter.

Y-6a- The 5th Lord in his exaltation occupies the 2nd, 5th or 9th house with respect to (w.r.t.,) Ascendant and these have the aspect or conjunction of Jupiter, the native will have the blessing of obtaining a son.

N-1- The 5th Lord is in his exaltation sign and is in the 5th House, this is possible only when the Ascendant is Taurus, because as per this Ascendant the 5th Lord will be Mercury who is exalted in his own sign that is Virgo.

N-2- The consideration of the children especially male child should be observed from the Ascendant, the Moon, the 7th House and its significator Jupiter.

Y-6b- If the 5th House from Jupiter is situated by benefic planet, Jupiter himself is together with a benefic planet, the native obtains a son and the son is long-lived.

N- The same result should be understood from the Ascendant, the Moon and the 7th House.

Y-6c- That is in the 5th House from these there are placed benefic planets and they themselves are together with benefic planets, then any of these combinations in the horoscope will bless the native with the obtainment of a son.

Y-6d- If Mercury, Venus and the Moon are placed in the 5th House the issues will be daughters.

Only Jupiter placed in the 5th House has the capability of conferring five sons on the native, when unaspected by malefic planets.

Y-6e- The fifth lord in his highest exaltation and in the Navamsa of a male planet being placed in the 5th House and not being conjunct with or aspected by malefic planets gives the native many sons.

Y-6f- If Mercury, Jupiter, Venus are in their own signs or in their exaltation signs, are placed in a Kendra or Trikona, the native obtains a son as wealthy as a king.

Y-7- When the 5th House is occupied by Jupiter and the 5th Lord is together with Venus the child will be born of the native in his 32nd or 33rd year.

Y-8- If the 5th Lord is placed in a Kendra (angle) and has conjunction with the significator (Jupiter) the birth of the child to the native should be predicted in his 30th or 36th year.

Y-9- The native’s child birth is to be spoken of occurring in his 40th year, should Jupiter be placed in the ninth from the Ascendant and Venus in the ninth from Jupiter or the Ascendant Lord is conjunct with Venus.

Y-10- In the event of Rahu being placed in the 5th House, the 5th Lord be in conjunct with a malefic planet and Jupiter being in his debilitation sign, the combination will cause the son’s death, to the native in his 32nd year.

Y-11- Child loss to the native will occur in his 33rd or 36th year in the event of malefic planets occupying the 5th House from the Ascendant or from Jupiter.

Y-12- If there is Mandi in the Ascendant and the Ascendant Lord is placed in his debilitation sign, the native will be full of grief, due to his son’s death, in his 56th year.

Y-13- If the lord of the 5th house is located in Amsa like “Gopur”, in the Navamsa of a benefic planet, is aspected by a benefic planet, is itself a male planet & is associated with a male planet in the male Navamsa, the yoga indicates the first birth as of a good son.

Y-14- If the lord of the 5th house is located in a female sign, with a female planet, in a female house, the yoga indicates the first birth as of a daughter. In case the lord of the 5th house is located in the Navamsa etc of a eunuch planet the child is a eunuch.


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