Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 62


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Marriage – when?

Y-1- If the 7th lord is in the sign of a benefic planet, Venus is in his exaltation or is in his own sign the native is generally marries in his 5th or 9th year.

Y-2- If the Sun is situated in the 7th House and the 7th lord is in conjunction with Venus, the native mostly gets married in the 7th or 11th year.

Y-3- In the event of Venus occupying the 2nd House and the 7th lord occupying the 11th House, the native is generally married in the 10th or 16th year.

Y-4- When Venus is placed in a Kendra (or angle) like the Ascendant etc and the Ascendant Lord is in a sign of Saturn (10th or 11th sign), the native will have the blessing of getting married in the 11th year.

Y-5- If Venus is placed in a Kendra (angle) from the Ascendant and in the 7th House from Venus, there is Saturn, the native’s marriage generally takes place in the 12th or 19th year.

Y-6- If Venus is placed in the 7th House from the Moon, and Saturn occupies the 7th House from Venus, the native marries in the 18th year.

Y-7- The native’s marriage will occur in the 15th year, in case the 2nd Lord falls in the 11th House and the Ascendant Lord in the 10th House.

Y-8- Should the 2nd Lord be in the 11th House and the 11th Lord in the 2nd House (or if there be the exchange between the 2nd and the 11th Lords) the native will get the blessing of marriage in the 13th year.

N- No a days there are no child marriages allowed, when such combination are present they will give early marriage, moreover due to the evils in the society, child abuse is not ruled out in these years, the parents should be careful in such cases.

Y-9- If Venus is placed 7th from the 8th House (that is second from the Ascendant) and the 2nd Lord in the conjunction with Mars, the native’s marriage will take place in the 22nd or the 27th year.

Y-10- The Ascendant Lord being placed in the Navamsa of the 7th House and the 7th Lord in the 12th House, marriage will be conferred on the native in the 23rd or 26th year.

Y-11- If the 8th Lord is placed in the 7th House, and the Navamsa of the Ascendant is occupied by Venus, the native’s marriage takes place in the 25th year or the 33rd year.

Y-12- If Venus is placed 9th House (that is in the 5th House from the Ascendant) and one of these Houses (the 9th or the 5th) is occupied by Rahu, the benefit of marriage to the native is to be predicted in the 31st or the 33rd year.

Y-13- Should Venus be situated 7th from the 9th House (that is in the 3rd House from the Ascendant) and 7th from Venus be the 7th Lord, the native gets married in the 30th or 27th year.

Notes: This means to indicate that if Venus is situated in the 3rd House and the 7th lord in the 9th House the benefit of marriage is obtained by the native in the 27th or 30th year.

Death of wife-when- Y-1- In case the 7th Lord is situated in his sign of debilitation and Venus in 6th or 8th House the combination causes the destruction of wife in the 18th or 33rd year.

Y-2- If the 7th Lord is placed in the 8th House and the 12th Lord in the 7th House, the native’s 19th year is to be predicted as the year of the destruction of his wife.

In the event of Rahu being placed in the 2nd House, Mars in the 7th House, the native’s wife will die by snake bite on the day of marriage or on the 3rd day from marriage.

Y-3- If Venus has fallen in the 8th House and the 8th Lord in a sign of Saturn (Capricorn or Aquarius) the indication of the wife’s death is to be made in the native’s 12th or the 19th year and

Should the Ascendant Lord be situated in his sign of debilitation and the 2nd Lord in the 8th House, the wife’s death will occur in the 13th year.

Y-4- If the Moon is situated 7th from Venus Mercury 7th from the Moon and the 8th Lord is placed in the 5th House, the native will have his first marriage in his tenth year.

2nd in the 22nd year and third in his 33rd year (This combination thus confers 3 marriages on the native).

No further consideration is to be made in this regard.

Y-5- The native’s wife does not live (long) in case there is the situation of Mars in the 6th House, Rahu in the 7th House and the Saturn in the 8th House.

Notes: The combination will be as much harmful to the native himself as to his wife. His physical health and his longevity will be in great peril. The Paapkrittari yoga will be formed and the influence of evil aspects on 7th and Ascendant.


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