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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 22


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Destitute of learning

Y-1- If the lord of the 2nd bhava, Mercury and Jupiter occupy the 8th bhava, the person born will be destitute of learning.

Y-2- If they be in an angle, trine, or in own house, then he will be well acquainted with some branch of knowledge.

Protection power Y- When the lord of the 2nd house has attained a Gopur amsa and Venus a Paravat amsa, the person born will have all his people living under his protection and prospering happily.

Bachelorhood- Y- If lords of 2 and 7 are conjunct with a Malefic whilst Venus is in 6/8/12, the native will spend a large part of his life without a wife.

Marriage- Y- If lord of 2, 7th and Venus are standing in exaltation/own house, which happen to be quadrant/trine, the native will enjoy with More than one wife.

Wife or Girl friends-

Y-1- If lords of 2 and 7 are malefic and at the same time posited in 6/8/12 conjunct malefic, the native will have, as many girl-friends as there are planets associated with lord of 2 or 7th house.

Y-2- The lords of the 7th & the 2nd houses if associated with Venus or malefic planets and badly placed, will cause the loss of one or more wives accordingly, as one or more planets are in conjunction with them in the Dusthana.

Y-3- But if the lord of the 2nd or the 7th house be strong occupying its exaltation and other benefic Vargas, then the person concerned will have only one wife.

Y-4- If Venus or lord of 7th is in quadrant/trine and if lord of 2nd or 7th is in own house/exaltation, there will be only one wife.

Y-5- Lord of 2nd placed alone in own house/quadrant/trine/exaltation and at the same time strong, indicates only one good wife.

Y-6- If both lords of 2nd and 7th are in company of a benefic or aspected by benefic and are simultaneously placed in a benefic house, there will be two wives.

Loss of wives

Y-1- In association with malefic(s) if Venus, lord of 2nd and lord of 7th are posited in 6/8/12th house (either all in one sign or one in each sign), there will be loss of as many wives as there are malefic in conjunction of Venus or lord of 2nd/7th.

Y-2- If the three planets viz. lords of 2nd, 7th and Venus are in 6/8/12th house, the native will loss as many wives as there are malefic in conjunction of lords of 2nd or 7th huse.

Y-3- If the lord of 2nd, planet posited in 2nd, planet aspecting 2nd and the significator for the 2nd (Jupiter) out of these four planets, assuming one of them strong and that, three are weak and if the one planet that is strong happens to be malefic, there will be loss of wife.


Y-1- If lord of 2nd is in exaltation, which happens to be a quadrant, in company of Moon, the native will have silver vessels for his daily use.

Y-2- In the above Yoga, if lord of 2nd is in company of Jupiter and Venus, golden vessels are indicated.

Y-3- If the Lord of the 2nd house occupies the Ascendant or other Angle in conjunction with Venus and the Moon, the person born will have a silver plate for eating.

Y-4- If the lord of the 2nd house (Bhukthisthana) in the above circumstances be in conjunction with Jupiter, the Moon and Venus, the eating plate will be of gold.

Y-5- If the lords of the Ascendant and the 2nd house werer in conjunction with Saturn, the astrologer may declare, the plate to be of iron or other less costly metal.

Y-6- If Mars aspected by an evil planet occupy the 2nd house, the person born will have to subsist on bad or unwholesome food.


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