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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 31


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of The Fourth House

The considerations in brief from the 4th house: Bandhu i.e., relatives, residence, mother, water, self prospects, eatables, heart, shoulders, seat, sleep, comforts, underground well.

The detailed significations and significators of the fourth house are: (1) Learning (2) kingdom (3) house (4) travel (5) vehicles like rickshaws and small boats (6) oil bath (7) mother (8) relatives (9) friend (10) caste (11) garment (12) well (13) water (14) milk (15) perfume (16) happy man (17) good name (18) a life saving drug (19) trust (20) false allegation (21) tent (22) victory (23) tiresome work (24) land and agriculture (25) a garden (26) digging of a pond or well (27) wells for the public use (28) mother’s side (29) sharp intellect (30) father (31) wife (32) accumulation of wealth (33) a palatial house (34) art (35) house opening (36) conclusions (37) disposition (38) damage to one’s property (39) paternal property (40) celestial food (41) Art of disclosing where about of stolen property (42) an ant hill (43) promotion of Vedic and sacred lore (44) buffalos (45) cows (46) horses (47) elephants (48) surplus corn, or grain produced and wet lands.

Good results

Y-1- The native will enjoy the full happiness of the house should the Lord of the Fourth House be in the 4th House and the Ascendant Lord be also there and be aspected by a benefic planet.

N-1- When the Ascendant Lord is in conjunction with any planet situated in his own sign and this combination is being aspected by benefic planets, the native fully gets the effects related to that house e.g.

(a) If the Ascendant Lord is placed in the 5th House along with the Lord of the 5th House and is aspected by a benefic planet, the native gets higher education and is blessed with sons.

(b) Should the situation occur in the Third House he gets the happiness of having brothers and sisters.

Y-2- If the Lord of the 4th House is placed in his own sign, in his own Navamsa and in his sign of exaltation the native gets the comforts of having lands, conveyance, house and musical instruments.

N- The 4th house is related it to entertainment also, hence the happiness of possessing musical instruments also.

Property-Residential House

Y-1- If the lord of the Lagna is in Lagna with the lord of the 4th house, the yoga shows the acquisition of a house. If the lord of the 4th house is in association of or under the aspect of benefic or is strong in its sign of exaltation or in a friendly sign the acquisition of property is without effort.

Y-2- If the lord of the 4th house is strong in angle, aspected by benefic planets, one acquires a house. Similar is the case when it is in Visheshika Amsha or in the Navamsa of its exaltation sign.

Y-3- Find out the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 4th house. Then see in which sign it is located. The lord of this Navamsa sign, if in angle indicates the acquisition of a house.

Y-4- Should the Lord of the 10th House be together with the Lord of the 4th House and is placed in Kendra (angle) or a trikona (trine), the native possesses a good house with a boundary wall plastered with special material.

N- Such houses are invariably owned by wealthy persons or high governmental officials who got such a residence allotted to then while in service.

Y-5- When the Lord of he Fourth House is a benefic planet, and is being aspected by a benefic planet and Mercury is placed in the Ascendant, the native is adored by his relatives.

N- The Fourth House pertains to popularity also. The Ascendant when occupied by Mercury the native’s face is pleasing to others.

Y-6- The native gets a beautiful house, when the lord of the 9th house is in angle, and the lord of 4th house is in a friendly sign, & there is a planet in exaltation in the 4th house.

Y-7- The native gets multi-storey building, if the third house has a benefic planet in it, the lord of the 4th house is strong, & the lord of the 3rd house is full of strength.

Y-8- The native possesses a house built with lime etc, if the lord of the 4th house is located in either “Simhasan” Amsha, or in “Gopur” Amsha or Mridu Amsha.

Y-9- The native has a house as that of angles, if the lord of the 4th house is in “Paravat” Amsha, Jupiter is aspected by Moon, or Jupiter is located in “Gopur” etc, Amsha.

Y-10- The native has a house of many storeys & built of good material, if the lord of the 4th house together with the lord of the 10th house and Saturn are in angle.

N- The 10th house denotes Zenith, therefore, its linking in the yoga gives height at many storeys.

Y-11- The house is destroyed, if the lord of the 4th house is located in the 8th house & is aspected by malefic. Similarly, when the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 4th house is in the 8th house.


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