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Thought Of the Day - 28/08/2012 - Being positive or being compassionate does not mean you have to be trampled or take things lying. Positivity is a strength. In all matters it is important that YOU FIGHT A LEGAL BATTLE OR YOUR RIGHT in the COURT with PRECISION but WITH A CLAM & STABLE MIND. SPIRITUALITY teaches that KARMIC DEBTS have to be PAID but we must ACT with a calm mind and with NO NEGATIVITY for the PERSON with whom you are fighting. The moment you create negativity in your thoughts you are creating BONDAGE and as per the INDIAN PHILOSOPHY more ENERGY that you will have to REPAY later. Remember if you have cheated - created pain etc for a person in a past birth he will perhaps come as your SON perhaps in this birth who would after all your love and investment ROB you in ways' and cause pain . If you are able to take it with stability and with NO NEGATIVE energy you are repaying with GRACE and creating NO MORE ENERGY that has to be countervailed in later births. It is all an energy play.

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