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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 23


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- If a benefic planet occupy the 2nd house and the lord thereof, be in conjunction with a benefic planet and if the house or the lord of the same or both be aspected by a benefic planet, the person born will eat agreeable meals.

Y-2- When the lord of the 2nd house is in depression or in conjunction with an inimical planet and aspected by a planet in depression, the person born will eat meals supplied by another, revile them at the same time.

Y-3- If the lord of the 2nd house be aspected, by the lord of the Ascendant, the person born will eat timely meals, but this will not be the case if the 2nd lord (Bhuktinatha) be in a depression Navamsa and aspected by a malefic planet.

Y-4- A person will eat sparingly and be fond of palatable food, when the 2nd lord is in an auspicious house, in exaltation, aspected by a benefic planet and occupies a benefic Sastiamsa such as is termed Mridu.

Y-5- When the lord of the 2nd house is Saturn or in conjunction with Saturn, or is aspected in depression by Saturn, the person born will be continually eating in Sraddhas i.e. food prepared during last rights of a person.

Y-6- If lord of 2nd is in exaltation, own house, Moolatrikona, quadrant/trine, the native will be a moderate eater.

Y-7- If lord of 2nd house is in evil houses, debilitation or enemy house, which happens to be 3rd or 6th house with Ketu, the native will turn out to by a big eater consuming large quantities of food.

Y-8- When the lord of the 2nd house is associated with a malefic planet, and is in the 60th portions Sastiamsa termed Davagni, Dandayuda or Kala and in a depression Navamsa and aspected also by a malefic planet, the person born will be a glutton.

Y-9- If the planet owning the 2nd house be conjoined with or aspected by benefic planets, the evil mentioned above will not happen.

Servants- When Jupiter is in a Simbasanamsa, Venus in a Gopur amsa and the lord of the 2nd house being possessed of strength occupies an Iravathamsa, the person born will maintain an untold number of dependents/servants.

Earnings by Theft – Y- The following three yogas indicate that the native will be earning by theft etc:

a) Rahu in 1, 5 or 9;

b) Lord of 10th in debilitation in 6th/12th.

c) Lord of 11th in inimical sign which happens to be the 8th house.

E- A debilitated planet in 2nd also constitutes a similar yoga.

Well off- If lord of 2 is in 3 or 8th or in exaltation, Moolatrikona or in quadrants in company of or aspected by a benefic, the native will possess good eyes, good finance, education and happiness.

On the other hand, if lord of 2nd is in 6, 12 or enemy house or debilitation, either in company of or aspected by malefic, the native will not enjoy finance, education and happiness due to eyes.

Arms – Y- Ascendant falling in Aries, Scorpio or Leo, who is occupied by Saturn (when both are hemmed in between malefic and aspected by a malefic) denotes loss of arms.

If Ascendant is hemmed in between Mars and Ketu whilst lord of Ascendant is also hemmed in between malefic, the native will lose his arms, according to Kerala Shastra.

Consume Poison- Saturn in company of lords of Ascendant and 2nd house, standing in 6/8/12th house denotes one who consumes poison.

Planets- The following are the effects of planets posited in 2nd house:

Sun- Bereft of children and wife; lean body; suffers much from eye diseases; ill dressed; possesses wealth in the form of copper and steel; frequent travels; suffers many sorrows.

Strong Sun- The native takes pleasure in inciting quarrels; bears a sword or other symbol of honour; indifferent; showy and cunning.

Moon- Taste for company of women, renouncing spirit; sensible; birth in a wealthy family; good looks; changes his appearance frequently; very happy; reputation and prosperity; height and broad face; fair Complexion.

Mars- May loses wealth due to self renouncing nature. Travels far and wide; gains wealth but wastes it away in enjoyments, speculation and gambling; good in agricultural pursuits; success in under-takings; lean body; enjoys much; he is always respected.

Mercury- Successful is undertakings; learning; wealth; possesses ornaments; knowledge of languages, Mathematics, proficiency in work done by hands. By nature, he always speaks truth; enjoyments in many ways; frequent travels; adores his father; wife and children; soft body with long hair; very fair.

Jupiter- Keeps a fair bank-balance throughout; agricultural wealth; knowledge. Always happy and contented with his good wife; health: self-respect; wears studded ornaments; enjoys kingly status.

Venus- Successful professionally; suffers from eye diseases; learning; wealth; ornaments; knowledge of shastra, drama and music. He is wealthy, having acquired the same from other; depends on Women; his wealth is mostly in silver; funky like a coward; soft body; his appearance is as beautiful as that of a Full Moon.

Saturn- Suffers from eye troubles almost throughout. Prosperity in various directions; gain of horse and agricultural produce; always engaged in profession.

Rahu- Undersexed; very proud; suffers many sorrows; flesh-eater; lives in untidy house always.

Ketu- Courageous; has a tendency to incite quarrels; inimical to his own relatives; unkempt and unshaven; blameworthy; sinful; buffoonery.

Rahu / Ketu- Disappointment in his religious pursuits or hates his own religion; trickery; Magic; knowledge of ways and Methods of low class people.

Mars & Saturn together in 2nd denotes proficiency in the languages of Karnataka and Andhra.


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