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Planets, Signs and Houses: Essential Principle for Judgement of Horoscopy, Chapter IV, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Source of Income etc.

1. Source of income should be declared from the planet occupying the 10th house from the Ascendant or from the Moon, whichever is stronger.

If the planet occupying is the Sun.

The source is father,

If Moon it is mother,

If Mars the enemy,

If Mercury the source is the relations,

If Jupiter it is from brothers (elder),

If Venus it is from wife,

If Saturn the source of income is from servants.

2. The livelihood is also determined from the nature of the planet who is lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of the 10th house.

If the said lord of the Navamsa is Sun, one earns from medicine, gold, water, conveyance trade, pearls, ruby, Ambassadorship, tours, advisory capacity, oxide, law suits, through pleasure affording matter, Preceptor ship & under Governmental patronage.

If the lord of the said Navamsa is Moon, one earns from products of water, agriculture, from earth products, law suits, through pleasure affording matters (cinema etc), through the patronage of the royal females, or from the sale of cloth.

If the said Navamsa lord is Mars, one earns from metal work, military occupation, from the use of fire (as in boilers etc), by engaging himself in creating trouble, from acts of courage, or through theft.

If the said Navamsa is owned by Mercury, one earns through handicrafts, literature, from scriptural usage, from Astronomy & Astrology, from moral means, from the study of the Vedas, from doing Japa work for others, or by acting as a family priest.

If the Navamsa in question belongs to Jupiter, the native earns his livelihood by teaching the worship of the gods and Brahmins, or from the recitation, teaching etc of Puranas, & Vedas or by preaching religion.

If the said Navamsa lord is Venus, one earns from gold gems, elephants, horses, or from the sale of gur etc or from the trade in milk and curd or from the support of women.

If the lord of the said Navamsa is Saturn, one earns by despicable means, from handicrafts etc. from wood works, from butchery etc, from carrying burden, from works connected with water, or by creating rift amongst parties.

3. Y- All planets when located in their own sign, in the Navamsa of their own sign, in a friendly sign, or-in the degree of their exaltation,

or in the drekkana of their own sign, or

in the cardinal houses (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) or

in their positive signs or when strong by virtue of their temporal strength, or

when located in the Navamsa belonging to the sign occupied by them,

E- give good results in their Main and Sub-ruling periods.

4. One dealing with natal or horary Astrology, should declare the traits and characteristics of a house as lost, when the planet having its Main or Sub-ruling period is

(a) the lord of the 8th house from the house under consideration

(b) when the planet having its Main period & Sub-period is of kharesh i.e., lord of the 22nd drekkana or

(c) when the said planet is Saturn, as the lord of the drekkana of the said house, or

(d) is the lord of the sign occupied by Mandi or

(e) is the lord of the Navamsa sign or the lord of the sign occupied by Mandi, or

(f) is located in a bad house such as 6th, 8th or 12th or

(g) it is Adhi Shatru i.e. bitter enemy of the lord of the house involved, or

(h) when that lord is in a sign having no good point in the Ashtakavarga system.

5. Y- The out of the following planets whichever is weak bring about death in their Main and Sub-ruling periods:

(a) the lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by Saturn

(b) the lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by Mandi,

(c) Rahu

(d) the lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by Kharesh, the lord of the 8th house from the Ascendant, & the lords of the Navamsa signs occupied by all these.

This happens when Saturn in transit crosses the bad signs such as the one in 8th house etc.

6. Y- In case the lord of the second house (the House of Wealth) is having its Main ruling period and there is the Sub ruling period of any of the planets: Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Sun,- then the Sub-period will give loss of wealth.

Similar is the case, if the second house contains a malefic planet.

7. In the dasa of a malefic planet lord of the 2nd house & in that of the lord of the sign occupied by the said malefic lord of the 2nd house, there is loss of wealth, brought about through the punishment orders given by the Government authority.

There is also at that time relinquishment of position and opposition from the near and dear ones.

The results of the Main and the Sub-periods of planets in a language of brevity.

(Y- Yogas, E- Effects, N- Notes)


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