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My mother’s only sister passed away yesterday, taking with her an entire era of my family’s history; of her generation, only a brother remains on my mother’s side. Theirs was a generation which seemed to produce more than its share of great ladies, and I can say quite without bias that my mother and her sister were among them. You can judge the success of a person’s life, I think, by how many phone calls must be made to notify people of their death. It took two of us the better part of a day to contact everyone with a close personal interest in my aunt’s passing.

She took with her not only the supportive safety net a loving parental figure (for she was truly my second mother) alone can offer, but also thousands of small, interesting stories and bits of family lore unavailable from any other source. We’d been asking her questions since mom died several years ago…stories about our parents when they were young, about her, about the family. But in the end I’m sure there were many questions we didn’t think to ask.    


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