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August 17th to August 23th Lunar Forecast by Jessica

If you are fortunate enough to live in a place that is not illuminated in all areas by electricity, you have the opportunity to experience the real essence of the Dark Moon Nights.  The darkness is all encompassing and stepping into it can make it difficult to see, even the next step in front of us.  Nights like these sharpen our instincts and tap us into the mysterious depths of what is hidden and unexposed.  When the ability of sight is not available, we need to hone in on our capacity to listen and be guided from an inner awareness.  This is where we are.  This is what we have been in preparation for: the heightening of our sensitivities and perceptions, and the trusting in our intuitions and having faith that we will be supported through the steps we take, and believing that we can accomplish the task of moving through the dark…

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