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Today's Astral Energy

The astral energy of July, 16, 12 says - The mind will sense that tensions are approaching - you have been dealing with them - especially in the work area. Time to use your mind - intellect to DISSECT issues with family / love/partnership - let go things that you cannot HOLD ON NOW.

My Thought For The Day - Fear is nothing but our attachment to a IMAGE we have created for ourselves - it is IDENTIFICATION with our POWER/POSITION/PENNY or OBJECT - fear precipitates anger and greed. Fear comes for YOUR BELIEF SYSTEMS - try to deal with them - we all have the WILL POWER - HAVE AN APPROACH THAT THE EXTERNAL STUFF IS A GAME THAT YOU PLAY AND KEEP YOUR INTERNAL SELF/MIND CALM AN PEACEFUL - meditate on this and TRY - regret of past and fear of future will have to be dealt - i do not say that you STOP ACTIVITY but internally be calm and externally PLAY THE GAME OF CRYING / LOVING- LIVING - ENJOY THE CHANGE WITH PEACE WITHIN YOU ---- .

Shanker Adawal

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